Confessions of a Career Diaper-Changer

I have three kids. By my calculations, I’ve spent more than a quarter of my life changing diapers””and with a 2-year-old son, I may have another six months to a year to go until I get to wash my hands of it for the very last time (literally). While I’ve certainly had some sweet moments cleaning, powdering and dressing my babies”¦I do look more and more longingly at Pull-Ups these days.

Here’s the straight poop on how I really feel about diaper changing.

  1. I know that cloth diapers are better for the environment. I admire mothers who use cloth diapers. But someone once asked me if I used cloth diapers and I burst into hysterical laughter. Like I want to spend more time than I already do dealing with poo?!? (Sorry, Mother Earth! I do recycle, though, I swear.)
  2. When I’m in a room with a bunch of babies, and one of the other babies has a stinky diaper, the smell makes me ill. But if mine needs changing? For some reason, it just doesn’t seem to smell that bad!
  3. I still use newborn wipes on a kid who is now wearing the largest size diapers they make (6). I think I’m just in denial that he no longer has infant-soft skin. Some people say it’s hard not to “baby” your youngest””I’m certainly guilty of that!
  4. When I hear someone say her husband doesn’t change diapers, my deep-down secret reaction isn’t that different from if she told me she’d just discovered she was one of three wives. I do feel very lucky that I married an awesome guy who has been my partner in grime (and slime) since we became parents in 2003.
  5. Speaking of my awesome guy”¦here’s a real juicy confession. I may occasionally exaggerate how disgusting a diaper I just changed was, so he’ll let me off diaper duty the next time nature calls.
  6. I’m a total diaper snob. I’m normally all about buying the cheaper generic whenever possible (I don’t think I’ve taken brand-name Tylenol for a headache since the early 2000s). But for diapers, it’s got to be Huggies (Little Movers variety, please). I had one too many diaper explosions that weren’t properly contained by less-expensive varieties to ever go back.
  7. I’m really not a clean freak, but after changing a particularly bad diaper, I have a cleansing routine that involves both hand washing (with a soap that has a strong, wonderful smell, like Mrs. Meyers) and hand sanitizer.
  8. I like to make up goofy, potty word songs while I’m changing diapers, like, “Poops, There it Is” and “Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Star.” Hey, whatever gets you through the day, right?

Jorie Mark is’s Director of Marketing Communications and mom to three kids, ages 3 to 10.


Jorie Mark is’s Director of Marketing Communications and mom to three kids, ages 3 to 10.

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Jorie Mark is’s Director of Marketing Communications and mom to three kids, ages 3 to 10.

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One comment on “Confessions of a Career Diaper-Changer

  1. Mrs. Fitness says:

    This is wonderful Jorie!! Although it’s been awhile since I’ve had to change a diaper, it brings back happy memories.

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