3 Steps to Sweater-Weather Sexy Skin

Fall is upon us. Even though we aren’t brandishing our bare skin in this cooler weather, we can keep our sexy summer skin–even under our sweaters. With my patented (no, not really) three-step routine of “polish-primp-pamper,” you will have healthy, glowing, supple skin all season long.

healthy skin during the fall weather


Once a week, refresh your skin with an all-over body scrub like Giovanni Sugar Scrub in Hot Chocolate is a gentle exfoliator that polishes your skin and removes cellular debris. The decadent hot chocolate scent is perfect for fall.


On a daily basis, use a deep moisturizing body wash to keep your skin protected against the dry autumn air. For the fall, I go with Alba Botanica’s Very Emollient Bath and Shower Gel in Midnight Tuberose. Their enchanting blend of pure plant botanicals and fragrant herbs will not only give you an alluring aroma but also make every shower feel like your own little spa day.


Finish your routine with a whole-body lotion that meets your immediate needs. A light, fragrance-free lotion is perfect for the days when you want to wear your favorite perfume. Or if you’re looking for a light scent that brings back summer memories, you can’t go wrong with coconut, either!

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