All-Natural DIY Dry Shampoo

I’ll admit it. I don’t wash my hair every day. Not because my shower caddy isn’t jam-packed with awesome shampoos (it is) or because I really rock the ponytail look (I don’t). The truth is, I can rattle off about a dozen things that trump sudsing and styling first thing in the morning—plus, lathering up too often strips hair of its natural protective oils, which makes it dull and dry over time.

cornstarch is a natural hair cleaner

So what’s the secret to refreshing your tresses and banishing a bedhead look between washes? Step away from the faucet and pick up some dry shampoo. An absolute lifesaver if you’re running late, this waterless wonder cleans hair by absorbing excess oils and odors rather than “washing” them away.  No wetting, scrubbing or rinsing required.

Brilliant, right? What’s even more amazing is that, unlike conventional shampoos, dry shampoo won’t drain your beauty budget—you can make it with just a few simple staples found in your kitchen.

DIY Dry Shampoo

Use a large makeup brush to apply dry shampoo to your roots and other oily areas, then brush out excess powder with a hairbrush. No wetting, lathering or rinsing required!

Here’s what you’ll need:

For light hair

1/2 cup arrowroot powder or all-natural cornstarch
¼ cup baking soda
10 to 12 drops of essential oil

For dark hair

¼ cup arrowroot powder or all-natural cornstarch
¼ cup baking soda
½ cup cocoa powder
10 to 12 drops of essential oil

What to do:

1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until well combined. Transfer dry shampoo to a powdered sugar shaker or airtight glass jar.

2. Sprinkle dry shampoo into hair, or apply with a large makeup brush, focusing on the roots, part or other areas that tend to get oily. (The makeup brush is optional. If you’re in a hurry, simply dust your hands with powder and run it through your hair, massaging into the roots.

3. Brush hair to work the dry shampoo through the length of your strands. Wait a few minutes, then brush again, repeating until all traces of powder are gone.

Tips for waterless shampoo newbies: 

  • Make sure your hair is completely dry before using dry shampoo. Wetness creates clumping!
  • Less is more – go easy with the sprinkling, brush well and add additional dry shampoo if needed.
  • Use less or more cocoa powder to match your shade of brown.
  • For red hair, use the light hair recipe with a tablespoon of cinnamon powder.
  • If you’re not pressed for time, divide hair into sections and “dry wash” one area at a time.
  • Give the powder time to work its magic and soak up oil – results may not be instant!


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