Create Your Own Organic Day Spa

You’re due for a little pampering, aren’t you, Bombshells? The school year has dragged on and you haven’t taken a single day off of work that didn’t involve someone having a fever or a sore throat. You’ve been running yourself ragged with science projects, quarterly reports and Quidditch matches in your living room. Late to bed and early to rise; stick a fork in you, you’re done.

Shop for natural and organic pampering supplies at Vitacost.

Yet, you vowed to yourself that you’d clean up the products in your home, and now you’re not sure what bubble bath is eco-friendly and whether or not the exfoliating face wash you like was tested on animals. Don’t fret, plentiful organic pampering products abound, and they’re only a click away. At, you can find a whole section dedicated to organic beauty and personal care items.

When I need to feel new again, I head straight for a deliciously scented body polish. Something about literally sloughing off all of the old me and exposing the new, fresh me–I find it completely invigorating. Alba Organics Hawaiian Body Polish,  made with organic ingredients and never tested on animals, is a gentle exfoliating body polish that leaves behind nothing but smooth, moisturized skin. Follow up with the Alba Organics Hawaiian Spa Body Cream in Papaya Mango  and you’ll feel as if you were whisked away to a tropical island for a decadent spa day.

Maybe a soak in the tub is your tantalizing treat. Aura Cacia Mineral Bath in Tranquil Chamomile is a delightful–and eco-friendly–way to wash your worries away. Or give their Foam Bath in Relaxing Lavender  a try if you want a little deeper indulgence. After your relaxing bath, don’t let that soft, supple feeling fade away, keep your skin hydrated with the Aura Cacia Natural Apricot Kernel Skin Care Oil.

And if your dogs are barking (I mean your feet not your actual dogs, I’m no help there), treat your tootsies to a long languid soak with Jadience Detoxifying Foot Soak. Once your feet are free from the bondage of formal shoes and the tension is gone from your soles, energize the very base of your body with J.R. Watkins Rejuvenating Foot Cream.

With all of these eco-friendly and natural products, there’s no reason you should skip the stress-relief of a little personal pampering. Happy relaxing, Bombshells!

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2 comments on «Create Your Own Organic Day Spa»

  1. Joann McCraw says:

    Fantastic pieces of information. I really love going on spa to treat myself after a very tiring and stressful day at work. However, this can really cost me a lot. Now, after reading all your suggestions I see that i can do this at home. Will just grab some of the products you’ve mentioned and jump right up at the tub. This is so exciting and relaxing! I can just imagine! Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Abigail says:

      Joann, I hope you have been treating yourself to wonderful at-home spa days! XOXO

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