Embarrassing Beauty Problems, Solved

Ladies (and gents, too), the time has come to talk about all the beauty-related issues that bug you — yes, even the embarrassing ones. Whether you’re dealing with facial fuzz, shiny skin or flaky scalp, we have the solutions to your biggest beauty woes!

Answers to Embarrassing Beauty Questions

1. Shiny skin: If your forehead or nose are looking a bit… reflective, there’s no need to panic. It’s possible that your cleansing products could actually be the culprit — if you’re using harsh, alcohol-based toners and cleansers, your skin may react by producing extra oil to compensate for dryness. Use a mild cleanser, such as Desert Essence Gentle Nourishing Cleanser and blot excess oil as needed with Blum Naturals Oil-Absorbing Facial Tissues.

2. Razor rash: On the road to smooth, silky-soft and hair-free skin, there may be some unsightly bumps. Avoid irritation and in-grown hairs by using a richly-moisturizing shave cream (one without chemicals that can dry or damage your skin) – my favorites are Kiss My Face Moisture Shave and JASON Shave Therapy. If bumps are already a problem, soothe them with derma e Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Cream.

3. Flaky scalp: If you’re dealing with flaky dandruff, don’t fret. JASON Dandruff Relief Shampoo can provide soothing support for your scalp — without the parabens and harsh chemicals found in other dandruff shampoos. If you’re the multi-tasking type, try the 2-in-1 Dandruff Relief Shampoo & Conditioner.


How to Soothe Dry Hands

4. Cracked hands: Dealing with dry, cracked hands is no picnic, but there are a few ways to alleviate and avoid this issue. If you’re a frequent hand washer, be sure to use a skin-hydrating soap, such as Avalon Organics Glycerin Liquid Hand Soap. Follow up with a non-greasy, petroleum-free moisturizer — my favorite is Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion. (It comes in a large pump; I like to fill a small reusable bottle to keep in my purse for whenever dry skin may strike.)

5. Thinning hair: Hair loss can happen as a result of many different things, from pregnancy to stress to damage from over-styling. If the sudden exodus of strands has you puzzled, it’s best to talk to your physician to rule out any underlying medical issues. The next step is to nourish your hair with a special shampoo, such as Avalon Organics Thickening Shampoo Biotin B Complex, which is formulated with a range of hair-helping nutrients to support thicker, fuller hair. Other tips: Consider supplementing your diet with a Hair, Skin & Nails supplement and make it a point to steer clear of chemical-laden styling products, dyes and harsh heat.

6. Lots of knots: I have distinct memories of my mother attempting to brush my hair as a small child; my then-baby-fine hair was prone to unmanageable tangles that would leave us both in tears. We discovered a few tricks to tame the tangles, though — rinsing in cold water, applying leave-in conditioner or de-tangling product (I like Acure Organics Leave-In Conditioner with Argan Oil, as it does both) and using a wide-toothed comb when the hair is wet.

How to Fight Food Odor

7. Funky feet:  If you’re a fan of going sans socks, you probably already know that this habit can leave your shoes a little… stinky. If you’re not ready to toss your topsiders just yet, there are a few things you can do to fight the funk: first, if the insoles are removable, toss ‘em in the washing machine; if not, sprinkle baking soda inside and let them sit overnight before wiping them clean. To stop the funk no matter what footwear you’re donning, try natural Crystal Foot Deodorant Spray.

8. Facial fuzz: Ladies, if you’re lucky enough to have light-colored fuzz or are free of facial fuzz altogether, you can stop reading. For those who are dealing with noticeable hair, removal is the name of the game (I’m not personally a fan of bleaching). Top picks for (gently) ousting that stubborn upper-lip and chin fuzz include wax-free MOOM Natural & Organic Hair Removal Kit and easy-to-use Parissa Wax Strips. One thing to note — much like thinning hair, unusual or excess facial hair is something to discuss with your doctor.

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