Give Yourself a Sizzlin’ Summer Makeover

Whether your family takes a day-trip to the beautiful Virginia shore or the back door of your home opens up to the glittering sands of Southern California, you’ll feel confident and comfortable if you are Bombshell-beach ready. Here are my four favorite ways to rock your best body at the beach this summer.

Wish you had tanner gams? Fake it with an all-natural sunless tanner like Nature’s Gate.

Beat feet are only going to make you look older and feel self-conscious. Set up a summertime foot care routine and you’ll be showing off your pretty little digits in spicy sandals as you strut across the sand. Start with a therapeutic soak such as Zum Tub Shea Butter Bath Salts and use a gentle callous remover such as Earth Therapeutics Pumice Stone to remove dead skin and hard callouses.  Follow up with Deep Steep Foot Creme, made with  refreshing peppermint essential oil, soothing plant extracts and shea butter, to treat dry, cracked heels. Then finish with a fun and flirty polish. One of my favorites, Barielle Shades. It’s free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP, making it safe even during pregnancy, and it’s is available in over 30 different colors at

Fabulous Hair Is Essential

I see you looking at that elastic band wrapped around your car’s gear shift. Don’t even touch it. “Mom ponytail” has no business in your Beach Bombshell repertoire. Get super sexy hair by using a volumizing powder such as Not Your Mother’s Girl Powder. This salon formula will add volume and texture to limp and boring hair. Just sprinkle a small amount onto the roots of your dry hair, tousle and go!

Beat The Bloat

One of the biggest bloat culprits is a carb-heavy diet. Instead of cereal to start your day, have a high protein breakfast or even an Optimum Nutrition Double Rich Chocolate whey protein shake if you’re in a hurry. Throughout your day make sure you don’t default to carb-tastic snacks like crackers and pretzels. There are plenty of delicious, low-carb snack foods to keep around the house or take with you on outings. Keep a stash of dry roasted pistachios, organic beef jerky, and dried apple chips in your pantry. Trust me, you won’t be tempted by your kids graham crackers with tasty treats like those around. And, as always, drink more water. Staying hydrated and increasing your water intake actually helps move excess water out of your cells to reduce bloat and swelling.

Faux-Tan Is Your Friend

Those of us not blessed with a natural bronze hue are keenly aware of how a little color goes a long way in camouflaging problem areas like cellulite and minor skin imperfections. We know the overall cost of abusing our skin with too much sun exposure. So what’s a Bombshell to do? Fake it. Self Tanners have come a long way since their early days of bad 80’s orange nightmares. Today’s tanners go on evenly and create a beautiful natural glow. Nature’s Gate Sunless Tanner has no artificial colors and is paraben-free. It’s made with olive oil, aloe, and hibiscus meaning it leaves behind nothing but healthy, moisturized skin with a soft glow and a lovely floral scent.

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