Is It That Time of the Month?

We all remember that fateful day when we crossed the thresh hold into womanhood. I’m not talking about the first time you had sex. Oh no, I’m talking about something way less fun: the first time you got your period.

Ever since then, you’ve had the monthly visit from Aunt Flo(w) to remind you, “Hey! Guess what? You’re a woman. Yipee!” As if we forgot. Anyway, every month you also have to stock up on pads or tampons, or both, to get you through those annoying 5 to 7 days. For years now, you’ve tried all the different pads and tampons on the market. Products that come with applicators, without, with wings, extra long, extra absorbent, ultra-thin, scented, unscented, and on and on. The sad fact of the matter is that so many of these products that are in continual contact with your most intimate and delicate parts are also not very good for you. Bleached paper products, chemically perfumed cotton, and the possibility of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Sometimes you probably think, “Is this my only option?”


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It’s not! I know, you’re excited, now, aren’t you?   There’s a comfortable, safe, and ecologically friendly option for menstrual hygiene that you’ve likely never even heard of. The menstrual cup.   Now hear me out. I know this might be something outside of your comfort zone. Ladies, we cannot and should not treat our menstrual cycle as some big secret, a source of embarrassment, or, worse, being completely grossed out. You’ve come a long way. Long gone is the 13-year-old who turned beet red when purchasing “feminine hygiene products.” So, let’s talk about how the menstrual cup is a freeing and fantastic option for your womanly needs.

Menstrual cups were first introduced in the 1930s, and have existed in some form or another ever since. Modern cups, like the DivaCup and the Moon Menstrual Cup, are made of medical grade silicone, meaning they are safe and comfortable. Cups can we worn up to 12 hours and do not pose any risk of TSS. You can sleep soundly without fear of leaking. They come in two sizes (for those who have had a vaginal birth and those who have not) and are reusable for up to 10 years. You can even get a specially formulated mild cleanser to ensure the integrity and cleanliness of your cup.

They’re great for exercising, too, as they never slip out of place and completely meld to your body providing the most secure and comfortable fit. I’ve been using one for 5 years and I’ve never looked back. Go grab one now. You’ll be left wondering how you hadn’t heard about these awesome body friendly answers to your period problems before.

“The Bombshell Mommy” is written by Abigail Blank, romance author and mother of three. Frozen Heart and its sequel, Melted Tears, are published under her pen name: Annabelle Blume. Got a question about how to juggle it all and still be a Bombshell? Email Abigail at, connect with her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @Bombshell_Mommy and look for her on Pinterest.

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  1. Stella says:

    This post is really helpful but when you said you had been wearing one for 5 years I couldn’t help but laugh a little. :) Keep posting helpful information! I like what you have to say!

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