Q&A: Will Argan Oil Help my Skin and Hair?

Some tout it as the solution to sagging skin and ho-hum hair. But is argan oil a beauty miracle or a total bust? Here are the facts:

In Morocco, Berber women make argan oil by harvesting, grounding and pressing the kernels of Argania spinosa, a tree native to the area.

Sometimes known as “liquid gold,” argan oil contains vitamin E, squalene, antioxidants, proteins and unsaturated fatty acids.

It’s edible — in fact, argan oil is often used as a dip for bread or an ingredient in salad dressing and couscous.

Why all the fuss about this oil? Because it’s brimming with vitamin E, argan oil may help support the skin’s natural regeneration process — which is excellent news for those with minor scars, unsightly stretch marks or stubborn age spots.

If it’s wrinkles you’re worried about, you may be interested in argan oil’s moisturizing properties, which can help plump skin cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet.

Argan oil doesn’t stop there — it can also add moisture, shine and strength to dry, dull hair. Look for argan oil-infused shampoos, or simply apply a small amount straight to your strands.

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One comment on “Q&A: Will Argan Oil Help my Skin and Hair?

  1. Jorie says:

    I was really afraid to use argan oil on my face because my skin is oily, but amazingly, it hasn’t caused a single zit and I really do think using it these past few weeks has made a difference. I had NO idea it was good for scars, too, and can’t wait to see if it works on mine!

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