Tough Love

As I was growing up, my mom used what I would call “tough love” to teach me several important life lessons. But of course, I didn’t realize how important this tough love was until I was able to look back on what I’d learned and discover how it helped me grow and move forward.

For example, when I chose friends who made poor choices (and who attempted to influence me to do the same), she told me it was in my best interest to end the friendships. When I refused, I would be grounded.

The most important “tough love” lesson she taught me happened after I got married at a very young age. My mom knew it was a mistake for many reasons. I was stubborn, so I didn’t reach out to her. She didn’t reach out to me – she wanted me to realize my mistakes on my own. The distance between us lasted an extremely long two years.

Thanks for the life lessons, Mom!

I didn’t know it at the time, but without that lesson I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I am not boastful by any means, but I do feel confident, responsible, and mature and I know that it’s partly thanks to these “tough love” lessons from my mom that I was able to achieve all that I have.

I would like to award Mom a whopping 1,000,000 mommy points for being so amazing. (: I love you, Mommy! *froggy kiss*



Catherine, new mom to adorable son Jacob, frequently showers her own (deserving!) mother with mommy points and delicious Best of All snacks!  

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