March Contest: Enter to Win Vitacost Coconut Oil

Are you crazy for coconut oil? We sure are!

Satisfy your craving for this tropical treat by entering our March Vitablog contest – you could WIN 3 jars of the good stuff! (Vitacost Coconut Oil, that is.)

There are 14 different ways to enter – simply follow the steps below!

Click here for full contest rules and details.  

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90 comments on «March Contest: Enter to Win Vitacost Coconut Oil»

  1. Deb E. says:

    Coconut oil is so good for you, thanks!

    1. Ginny J. says:

      “What do you do with coconut oil?”, a store cashier once asked and my answer – “EVERYTHING!” A few of the great ways coconut oil will enhance your life include the uses of creative cooking recipes, skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, oil pulling, weight loss support, and so many more. Vitacost coconut oil users submit geat reviews with positive feedback

  2. Carey Blaney says:

    We love coconut oil and vitacost is awesome they have so many healthy goodies!

  3. Rebekah Mason says:

    I bake with cocunt oil so much! I use it on my daughter for her dry skin and mine!

  4. Donna W. says:

    Hopefully help with my breast cancer! Does not get any better than that!

    1. Janice Reece says:

      Essiac Tea is great for getting rid of cancer.

  5. gg says:

    Seems like Im ordering every week. Would be wonderful to win!!!

  6. Deb Kazsimer says:

    I give coconut oil to my dogs as it contains lauric acid which is very beneficial to them! I also use it to make delicious french toast!

  7. Cindy says:

    Coconut oil is awesome. Just started using it! love it for sauteing veggies!

  8. Pat Anderson says:

    Love coconut oil and Vitacost!

  9. Robin says:

    I love to fry eggs in it, and use it as body and hair lotion.

  10. Christina says:

    I buy the 54 oz of Vitacost’s brand of Coconut oil every order. Use it for making my own skin creams, chocolate bites and popping awesome popcorn. Thought the big size would keep me in stock but no, keep thinking of more uses for it!

  11. Kris says:

    I love coconut oil-Good for skin as a moisturizer, popping popcorn, and in homemade granola.

  12. Linda Peterson says:

    I use it to make Bison Chili.

  13. Laura says:

    I love coconut oil! I use it for everything from cooking to moisturizer :)

  14. Louise says:

    I use it on my hair puts back much needed moisture and shine very healthy

  15. Pat Taylor says:

    Great for stir-frying…

  16. Grant says:

    It’s not just for the kitchen, if you know what I mean!

  17. Regina Morris says:

    Love coconut oil.

  18. Sharon Kaminski says:

    use it for sauteing veggies and chicken and fish

  19. Barbara Carner says:

    I want to win the coconut oil

  20. Barbara Carner says:

    I love vitacost and have referred many of my friends. I just realized I could have gotten $10. for each one.

  21. Barbara Carner says:

    I love coconut oil for moisturizing my dry skin.

  22. Barbara Carner says:

    its great for my dry skin

  23. cheryl says:

    often use it when cooking…very healthy addition

  24. Kenneth Rathke says:

    I really would like to try it.

  25. Jan says:

    Vitacost coconut oil has replaced *almost* all the oils and fats in our house. Love

  26. Lela Saul says:

    Best thing ever in sweet potatoes!So good for you too!

  27. Rhonda says:

    I’d love to try this!

  28. Dorothy says:

    I mix coconut oil with cinnamon it’s great on toast, bran muffins, it’s great on anything!

  29. Chris says:

    the more I use coconut oil, the more I find uses for it…vitacost makes it soooo easy to find and purchase

  30. Cherisa says:

    Coconut oil is great for moisturizing dry skin and hair. I love cooking with it as well or using in replace of the oil in salad dressing recipes. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  31. Bevami says:

    Great for those arteries!

  32. Dottie says:

    If you love popcorn, you’ll LOVE melted coconut oil drizzled on this healthy snack!! YUM!

  33. Robert Pietzsch says:

    I use pure coconut oil for cooking, skin and hair care and as a base for herbal oil extracts like the Hawaiians of old did. You can also make herbal salves when beeswax is added.

  34. E. Owens says:

    I love putting a tablespoon in my coffee each morning. It tastes like a tropical paradise and helps to curb my appetite.

  35. Opal Baker says:

    I tweeted,liked as opalbaker

  36. M says:

    We use coconut oil as a treatment for our hair before shampoo.

  37. Mary Ellen says:

    Coconut Oil is amazing for the skin and hair! I’d love to win this :)

  38. christina says:

    Would Loce to win coconut oil

  39. christina says:

    Love coconut oil

  40. Susan Stoddard says:

    My boyfriend uses 1/2 tsp. per day to control his blood sugar. Our primary care physician suggested this. Also for skin care and baking! I use half butter and half coconut oil. When my dairy free friends visit I use just the oil:)) Another delicious topping for ice cream is 1/2 choc chips melted in a double boiler and add coconut oil~ it make like a brown bonnet topping! I used to work at Carvels in my youth!

  41. Alexandria C says:

    For some reason I was unable to pin the image we were supposed to pin and I am not sure where to find the correct image and try it again?

  42. Kris says:

    I love Vitacost Coconut Oil. It is great for popping popcorn and in baking. The price is right too!

  43. michelle says:

    Love coconut oil for my skin, cuts and cooking

  44. Sarah says:

    I loooooove coconut oil

  45. I would love to win! I love Vitacost and tell all my blog readers about it. I use coconut oil in so many recipes. It’s so yummy. :)

  46. Karen says:

    I’ve used to to make deodorant.

  47. Dee says:

    I love Vitacost Coconut Oil! I keep a jar in the pantry and one in my bathroom to use from head to toe!

  48. Regina Morris says:

    Love coconut oil

  49. Rita says:

    I love Coconut Oil on my skin.

  50. Kathy says:

    I love Vitacost coconut oil. It has changed my life!!! I feel like it’s so decadent.

  51. I use coconut nut oil for baking, cooking, and for beauty/skin care and even shaving my legs! It’s such great stuff!

  52. Debbie Blackner says:

    My daughter swears by this… Would love to try it!

  53. Lisa says:

    I love coconut oil! I use it in hot drinks, I add to soup, make popcorn with it. I use it in lotions and moisturizers for my lips. It is a wonderful product!!!

  54. says:

    Love coconut oil!

  55. Kristina says:

    I looove coconu oil! I make body scrubs with it. use it on myself as a moisturizer, and want to start using it in my cooking. I’m all out so this would really help me! :)

  56. stacy says:


  57. Erika says:

    We love it! Oil pulling, deodorant, moisturizer, lots of uses besides cooking! We go through a lot!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Jo says:

    Love it for skin cleanse.

  59. Jo says:

    Use it for everything from skin lotion to cooking, baking, deodorant and body scrub.

  60. Destiny says:


  61. Becky says:

    We buy coconut oil in bulk! It’s used for lotion, skin care, lip balm, hair masks, in cooking and smoothies, and taken straight! It also makes an amazing massage oil, especially if you add in a few drops of essential oil – you can get a few pretty containers and have a little set of naturally scented lotions.

  62. maudlin valere says:

    As a kid I used coconut in many differect forms. Raw., roasted over coals, baked in bread, cakes and cookies and cooked in many dishes. We used it in our hair and on our skins. We also drank the water from the nut.The water contains potassium.

  63. maudlin valere says:

    As a kid I used coconut in many different forms. Raw, roasted over coals,baked in bread, cakes and cookies and cooked in many dishes. We used it in our hair and on our skins. We also drank the water from the nut. The water contains potassium.

  64. As a kid I used coconut in many different forms. Raw, roasted over coals,baked in bread, cakes and cookies and in many dishes. We used it in our hair and on our skins. We also drank the water from the nut. It is delicous and contains potassium.

  65. Deanna says:

    Love VItacost coconut oil. Great for cooking and oiling pans. I also use it for my dry hands. Works better than any other moisturizer!

  66. Sherry says:

    Love it! Love it on toast, love it for cooking, love it on skin, love it on hair. Love it!!!

  67. carla curtis says:

    I have been hearing a lot lately about coconut oil and it’s health benifits, so I decided to try it. I love it! I use it now instead of my EVOO.

  68. carla curtis says:

    I have been hearing and reading a lot lately on the health benifits of /from using coconut oil so I decided to try it. I love it! I use it now instead of my EVOO.

  69. says:

    we use it for eating…esp love it in dr bob’s scones!

  70. Eris de Suzerain says:

    I just discovered this stuff and now I use it for everything from lotion to cooking – it is divine.

  71. Janet says:

    I love coconut oil. I think it is some of the best coconut oil that I have used,and I love Vitacost you have the best deals around.

  72. Liz says:

    Just bought the 54oz after trying the smaller size…it’s a staple in our house!

  73. Lisa says:

    I’m just learning about the benefits of coconut oil. I use it on my skin and in my diet. :)

    ~ Lisa ~

  74. Bart says:

    Sheila makes a great vegan strawberry cheesecake using the coconut oil for the crust.

  75. Joanna says:

    Love coconut oil.

  76. Faye says:

    Want your next bowl of popcorn to taste just like the stuff they sell at the movies? Substitute coconut oil for the usual peanut oil! After popcorn is popped, immediately add about a teaspoon of softened butter–it doesn’t take much–and salt to taste. Toss until blended. Enjoy the health benefits of coconut oil and none of the chemical additives in other popcorn!

  77. Brenda says:

    I mix coconut oil with baking soda to make a paste for either a tooth paste or exfoliant for face, cleans good

  78. geniene says:

    Coconut oil is amazing! I use it for haircare, skincare, cooking (instead of most oils) & there are butter-like versions that are great to spread on bread. :)

  79. Samantha says:

    Use it on my skin (it cured a skin yeast infection), cook with it and it helps my hubs with his thyroid issues. Plus, it SMELLS wonderful and tastes great. What is there NOT to like about coconut oil?

  80. Elena Serrano-Trigila says:

    Love, love, love coconut oil!

  81. Aubrey says:

    I’m recently learned about all the wonderful benefits of coconut oil. We call it “nectar from the gods” at our house. :)

  82. Lindsay Lane says:

    Omgoodness I love coconut oil. It is a must have for every house…great for dry skin, dry hair scalp, cooking – even a makeup remover! Hello?!? You better have some in your house at all times!

  83. laurie ann says:

    makes your skin feel so soft, all ver!

  84. JoAnnC says:

    I love Vitacost coconut oil, it’s such a great deal!

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