Win a Fit Pack from Delta Labs or Gamma Labs!

Did you miss out on last month’s healthy giveaway?

No worries – we’re at it again. This time, we’re giving away 2 amazing prize packs from Delta Labs (for the ladies) and Gamma Labs (for the guys), each designed to help fuel your health & fitness routine.

Keep reading to find out how you could be our next WINNER!

How to enter:

It’s easy! Simply leave a comment below and tell us how you stay fit – don’t forget to mention which prize you want to win!

Click here for full contest rules and details.   (Comments will be moderated – one per person, please.)


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Katie is the Content Supervisor (and a loyal customer) at In her spare time, she enjoys biking with her husband, playing with her pets and writing bios about herself.

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329 comments on «Win a Fit Pack from Delta Labs or Gamma Labs!»

  1. Ashley Capps says:

    I’m a runner! Now that I’m training for my first 10k, it doesn’t feel weird calling myself that anymore. Woo! and I’d love the Delta Labs pack :).

    1. Deanna Burleson says:

      I work in physical therapy office and stay after hours to work out 4 to 5 days a week.

    2. Chris Wise says:

      I have various exercise videos that I workout with, plus I love to walk my dog. I would love the Delta pack!

    3. Rhonda Davis says:

      I run and order vitamins and supplements from I like the Delta Labs.

  2. Barbara Hensley says:

    I walk everyday

  3. Stephanie says:

    Walking! Would love the delta woman pack!

  4. DJ says:

    I built a personal home gym and work out at least 4 days a week. :)

    And Gamma Labs for the guys!

  5. Michele Santangelo says:

    Home-gymmer, hiker, runner, baby carrier, I try to try it all and HAVE to do something every day! Running is my fuel of choice, and Delta Labs prize pack please!

  6. Than Nguyen says:

    I stay fit by doing yoga, running, and weight lifting. I would love to win the
    Delta Labs Advanced Biotin Formula Hair, Skin and Nails.

  7. eva kiss says:

    i do pilates and take daily vitamins every day

  8. Tom Blade says:

    i play dek hockey twice a week and workout 3 nights a week.

  9. Brian Hendricks says:

    by pushing myself to the limits everyday in the gym .. gamma labs for me please :)

  10. Murielle Cat says:

    I hike and I dance. I would love to win the delta packk for women. Thanks

  11. Maria Gillet says:

    i swim and do yoga twice a week. the delta pack please. thanks

  12. Edwin Soto says:

    I stay fit by going to the gym 5 times a week. Always stay hydrated and keep my diet on point. Also what keeps me going is people’s reactions. Alot of people have been motivated to see my progress and determination and it has gotten alot of people to join a gym. Alot ask me for advice since I just became a Personal Trainer. It’s the best feeling in the world to look and feel healthy and at the same time motivate those who want to change! Gamma Labs for Men!

  13. Matt Ellis says:

    I stay fit by lifting weights 5 days a week and doing some cardio. Nutrition is also a key point to getting that fit body! Consistency is key. Id love the Gamma Labs pack!!

  14. Ying says:

    How do i stay fit? 6 times a week i would hit the gym and do resistance training for 4-5 Months after that period of “Bulking” I would go into Cutting mode where i eat at a clean strict calorie deficit diet with High Fat and Protein whilst doing this i try get back my endurance and stamina by doing cardio again. For Cardio i love the treadmill and stationary bike for each i would aim for 200 calories, do some weight lifting and another 250 on both when i leave.

    Would love the Men package

  15. CJ says:

    Walk daily briskly…would love the Delta Labs!!

  16. Kevin says:

    I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and run a lot for work.

  17. Nicklas O says:

    I stay fit by working out 5-6 times a week.
    Both running, lifting and other things!
    I compete in Biathlon so I really need these Gamma Labs babys! 😉

  18. Craig says:

    I stay fit by doing hiit cardio and mixing low rep hit weight and high rep low weight. And gamma lab for guys

  19. Tim says:

    Participate in Navy Seals Class and avid runner. Gamma Labs would be cool…thanks.

  20. Rachael Rowberry says:

    Either prize would be useful. I go to the gym every morning for cardio and weights on mon-fri and do pilates and zumba on the weekends

  21. Wayne says:

    It’s ironic because I just cracked a huge code for burning fat. I am commenting this for the giveaway, but just recently I found out a way to build muscle and burn fat for those of you who actually do put time into the gym and cannot find results. The key is to turn a weight-lifting into a cardio session. Basically take smaller breaks between sets, do supersets like if you are doing squats and lunges, do less weight than normal, but go back and forth between them, do 6 sets of 10 without taking more than 15 seconds inbetween sets. This causes you to actually work your cardiovascular system while also working your muscles at the same time and I have seen results like never before, and I have been working out for 14 years. I wish I figured this out when I was younger :/

  22. Brad says:

    I have a full training setup. I do push ups for 60 seconds, then toe touches for 60 seconds, then squats, then high knees. then i run a mile down to a local park to do pullups for as many as i can before i tire out, and then i run back another mile. Gamma for the guys!

  23. Teresa Boydston says:

    Walking everyday would love the delta woman pack

  24. Cyle says:

    Mainly heavyweights in the gym, and occasionally (when I’m in relatively good shape) I practice martial arts.

    The Gamma Labs pack would be awesome.

  25. Joshua says:

    I get bored easily, so I bounce between running, swimming, weights, isometrics, and kinect games to stay fit.
    Some Gamma products to help me along the way would be fantastic!

  26. Margaret Agard says:

    I’m not the greatest fit person so I need all the help I can get, for women.

  27. Andrew Y says:

    I am a full time college student and I make it a point to stay committed to fitness! I make time during my busy class schedule to workout every day because I believe a healthy body and mind go hand in hand. I stay fit by staying motivated and working toward a goal of becoming a better me every single day. I would love to win the Gamma Labs prize pack to help with my fitness goals and take some stress off of my financial situation (Putting money into my education and my health has put me on a tight budget). Good luck to everyone :)

  28. willian says:

    I stay fit by watching shows like spartacus, biggest loser that work like a pre workout supplement for my mind to get me up and moving and lifting. I come from a family that on my dad’s side is all skin and bones, mother’s side is short and over weight. I don’t have the best of genetics because of that so i’m on a constant diet everyday and lifting heavy to be in shape. I’m leaving for boot camp in April so I need to be in top shape. When I come back I want to finish college and join the police academy. I want to be in shape for the rest of my life. I want to in shape that kids can look up to me and say wow he looks nothing like Chief Wiggum from the Simpsons. He looks like a super hero. That’s what keeps me motivated to stay healthy, my future, my future career and so other kids can look up to me. And I would like to win the Gamma Labs package. Thank you.

  29. Thor says:

    I swim every other day because it makes me feel like I’m really living!
    I would really appreciate the Gamma Labs :)

  30. Danielle Rambo says:

    I stay fit by walking/jogging 4 1/2 miles 3 days a week and chasing around my 3 kids. I would love to win the Delta labs advanced biotin formula Hair, skin and nails, because this time of year I sure could use it:) Thanks

  31. TW Cloutier says:

    I lift weights 5 times a week, ride my bicycle as often as possible, split and cut wood for my fireplace and play softball every chance I get. Gimme some Gamma!! Thanks.

  32. Johnny says:

    Walking/Running…mostly just pushups situps and pullups

  33. will says:

    good diet/exercise and gamma labs

  34. Susan Flowers says:

    Its been a tough year physically for me and I’m trying to stay as active as I can be!! Joint pain is tough to deal with some day, but friends are great workout partners and sometimes you need a good one to lean on!!

  35. Angela Poplar says:

    I work out…aerobics while housecleaning!!

  36. mike says:

    my only workout is walking. dont do enough of it though but it is winter in massachusetts.

  37. Joan Norkus says:

    Seeing I am not much into exercise, I stay fit by putting on my headphones while cleaning the house and ‘dance’ my way to fitness. If I win I would like a bottle of Delta Labs Acai + Super Antioxidant Formula. I have used it in the past & love the extra energy!

  38. Brittany L says:

    I workout when I can and eat clean and healthy daily! I’d love to win the Delta Labs pack :) Thank you!

  39. Danielle Lund says:

    I run on a treadmill daily and do some cardio videos 3 times a week. I would love to try any of your products, I’ve never tried them before.

  40. Tris says:

    Running, walking, and wagging are my exercise options of choice. My choice is the women’s pack.

  41. Mindy says:

    I walk and work(8+ hours on my feet practically running back and forth in a fast food restaurant is pretty good cardio lol) I would love to win the delta labs women’s pack!

  42. ashish kala says:

    I am a home maker. I stay fit by doing yoga, running and other exercise at home. I want my body to be fit and active. I would love to get your Delta Labs Green Tea and Herbal Metabolites. Thank you!!

  43. Jessica Curtis says:

    I have currently started taking daily multivitamins to stay healthy, and started the couch to 5K program a couple of weeks ago. On top of all of that I am a stay at home mom to two boys. I keep myself busy and active! And hoping to change my vitamin routine to something more NATURAL! :)

  44. mike raymond says:

    Hit the weights 5days a week Winning the stack fro men would help alot

  45. Pamela Summers says:

    I walk daily

  46. cathy wood says:

    To stay fit I jump on my rebounder for 30 minutes, then walk on my bowflex treadclimber for a mile before work!

  47. Jennifer says:

    I’m just now getting into the weight loss madness :) I’ve been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism so I’ve gained weight over the years but have now lost 24 pounds so far by going to the gym for 2 hours 5 days a week :)

  48. Linda and Tim says:

    My husband works out with the insanity dvd’s and I do another kind. He is also a runner and we take lots of supplements every day…I would like to win either the woman’s or the mens and I thank you for this offer!

  49. kaley d says:

    Proper diet and exercise , lots of laughing and love are key too!~ Thx and I would love to win a prize pack thx so much!~

  50. theresa says:

    enjoy the outdoors walking ,hiking and swimming and do a home work out wit pilates and weights.

  51. Victoria Hernandez says:

    Me and my husband go to the gym together and I do couch to 5k app on the treadmill followed by anywhere from 1-1.5 hours of either weight training, interval training, kettle bell/medicine ball circuit…etc. But not only do we go to the gym we keep out housr stocked with the healthy foods and supplements to help us reach out fitness goals.

  52. theresa says:

    enjoy the outdoors , walking and i do a home work out with pilates and weights
    love to win the womans products

  53. I workout 7 days a week for at least 1 hour a day. I am 53 years old and my age, staying fit is important to me

  54. theresa says:

    love to walk outdoors and i do a home work out with weights and pilates love to win the womans products

  55. nichole cicero says:

    I love to take my daughter for walks after dinner. We both enjoy getting out and helps me stay fit. I would love the Delta prize pack!

  56. Victoria Hernandez says:

    I forgot to out what package…i’m sorry. I would like the mens package. Thank you!

  57. Joanne Robinson says:

    I walk everyday and I love swimming thats how I keep fit! (Delta Labs for Ladies) Thank you!

  58. Monique Desmarais says:

    I have been faithfully working out since november. I used to hate the idea of getting on a treadmill now I can’t wait to get to the gym and get fit :) It’s amazing seeing myself get in shape. I would like to win the womens prize pack. Thanks

  59. Pauline says:

    by looking after my body and staying healthy

  60. Pam says:

    I stay fit by walking and eating right. I’d like to win the Delta Labs for women pack

  61. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the chance to win the ladies pack! Due to many medical issues I was recently told to quit work and go on disability, But I am stubborn so instead I hit the gym and have never felt better. I try to switch it up all the time to keep my body guessing.
    Thank you again for the chance.

  62. valerie warman says:

    I walk every day and count calories. would love the delta womens pack

  63. misty adams says:

    I would LOVE to win the Womens Pack!..i stay healthy by taking hikes and walks around the tide pools by the beach as much as possible…its nice to be in the SUN and have the fresh air…i try to set a good example for my daughter teaching her to LOVE her body and keep it healthy..i think this prize pack would be AMAZING to would only help strengthen me further from the INSIDE–OUT!..thank you for the chance!

  64. Liz Simpson says:

    I bike, eat balanced meals, and take the stairs wherever I go. Gotta get me that Delta Labs prize pack!

  65. Patricia says:

    I do step aerobics on days when I can’t venture outside, but when I can, I slap on the wrist weights and get walking–briskly. I also make a point of not sitting for too long. Delta Labs for me if I win.

  66. roxy m says:

    i walk everyday and do the weight gym i want the womans prize pack

  67. valerie warman says:

    I walk everyday and count calories. Would love to win the the women pack

  68. Dallie Davis says:

    I have just recently started taking vitamins & supplements in addition to the yoga, cardio, & walking that I have been doing for the past few years. I also try to incorporate new & different ideas & exercises, & classes to keep it interesting & motivated. Delta

  69. BrandyLynn says:

    I have two kids so I do a lot of walking and chasing after them :)
    I also try to walk whenever possible and I’ve recently overhauled my diet to include more fresh, wholesome foods and less prepackaged stuff.

    1. BrandyLynn says:

      The prize pack for women would be awesome to win!!!

  70. Chad Hammons says:

    I Workout 5 days a week and always test my limits. gamma labs please

  71. Tia says:

    I love to work out and eat healthy! Tea is the best part of my day!!

  72. Dawn R says:

    I work out in the morning after my shake for breakfast! I used to weigh 360+ pounds! have since lost over 160…still got a ways to go. the kit for women is the kit I would like

  73. patricia says:

    would love the delta labs women’s pack

  74. Christine A. says:

    Stay fit by moving more, eating more rainbow foods and watching less TV. Love the Delta Labs for the ladies package. Thank you.

  75. Karen Kay says:

    Treadmill 2 miles and strength training every other day, included good carbs and eliminated almost all sugar. I would like to win the pkg. for women.

  76. zack johnson says:

    I stay fit by going to the gym about every other day, gotta stay in shape:)

  77. Mathew Katz says:

    I weight train 3 days a week run outdoors 5 miles twice a week and run HIIT interval training at the gym one day a week. I would like the Mens Package.

  78. I am a spinning and kickboxing instructor and love all levels and types of exercise! I would love the Delta Pack. :)

  79. Amy Heffernan says:

    I stay fit by doing my treadmill for 15 min twice daily. I also make sure to always get in my water intake 😀 Thanks! Would love the pk for women.

  80. clive says:

    walking evry day about 30 mins and a 3o min swim

  81. Melanie says:

    Yoga a few times a week and walking as often as possible. Woman’s package, please.

  82. Craig MArtin says:

    i stay fit by lifting weights only on days ending in Y. i do very high intensity training at a gym. i also eat healthy 90% of the time I have a sweet tooth and i love carbs. I take vitamins here and their but not much. I drink lots of water and sleep well. I would love to win the package for men would be awesome to jump start my new years resolution..thanks

  83. emeli says:

    I stay fit by staying away from junk food and walking more

  84. pete says:

    daily gallop,my morning oats and a trough of water.

  85. Angela W. says:

    I am currently doing the Insanity program and run! Would love to win the Delta Labs pack!

  86. Amanda says:

    This looks like an awesome package you’ve put together. I’d love to try out all of this in addition to my regular routine. Thanks for having the contest, good luck everyone!

  87. Randy Spire says:

    I stay fit by eating well, taking supplements, and doing cardio/weights/machines 5 times a week for 1.5-2 hours a day. I’d love to win the Fit Pack for men!

  88. I do Yoga a few times a week. Plus I am a hiker and walker. I would love to win the hair, skin and nails package because I am always working outside in the garden! Or the detox package. I would be sure to post my reviews and comments about your product on my page!

  89. Louise says:

    I stay fit by walking five miles daily and doing yoga.

  90. Aaron anderson says:

    I use a weight plan and i lift 3-4 times a week to stay fit. i eat a lot less high food. i like to walk quite a bit. i want the package for men

  91. Victor J Galbraith Jr says:

    Excersize and eat healthy

  92. I stay fit by working out everyday and eating healthy and drinking lots of water. tyvm

  93. Tye Clothier says:

    I’m 38 and coach small college basketball and serve as S&C coach. Trying to get back into better shape as the season winds down. P90X, core workout and yoga along with working out two basketball teams and softball. Gamma Labs fit pack for men would help to boost me to next level in workouts.

  94. Marleen Eastin says:

    I lift weights and run/walk and ride bikes and eat right about 95% of the time. Would love to have the women’s package!

  95. Angela Burley says:

    I walk/jog every other day depending on how energize I feel. I would love the Delta Labs Pack. Thanks!!

  96. Lana R. says:

    I have just recently started walking and plan on adding resistance band exercises. The Detox could help me get on the right track. – Delta Labs

  97. Brendan M says:

    I love to alternate days of intense and low impact work so as to always stay active! I also love walking and riding my bike to school, work, and the stores I frequent!

  98. Erin Noonan says:

    I have been watching what I eat, hitting the gym and looking for some type of pill to increase my metabolism. I would love to win the detox package for women!

  99. Robin says:

    I would love the womens pack! I do Jillian Michaels dvd workouts.

  100. Nancy Townsend says:

    I’ve got 4 dogs so lots of walking. I’d love to win the Delta Labs pack.

  101. Beth says:

    I dance with my 3 year old to her Nickelodeon Dance Wii game :) and I also do workout videos at home. Would love to win the Delta Labs pack for ladies.

  102. Agnes Peterfi says:

    I walk regularly and work out at home (DVD). I would love the women’s pack:)

  103. Joanna Broadbent says:

    I stay fit by eating healthy and weight training! I would the the Delta Labs prize pack

  104. Abbie Westbrook says:

    i keep fit by dancing, i dance hip hop, r n b, street, jazz and contemporary. I would like the win the womans delta labs prize pack pretty pleasee!

  105. Heidi Lindsay says:

    sorry to say that i am not currently fit but resolve to become a healthier me in 2013. i have signed up for a weight loss program and am going to start an exercise program once i have the mastered eating healthfully. i would love to win the delta womens pack.

  106. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Since being in a wheelchair I use upper body weights & do 5 different exercises to maintain upper body

  107. Victoria Ess says:

    I am a runner, and do yoga, and in the winter, I love doing hot yoga regularly. I’d love to win the delta women’s pack.

  108. Tammi Leingang says:

    Every morning before breakfast I wokout on my machines in exercise room and use light arm weights, Delta-womens pack please and thank you!

  109. Cassie Goldburg says:

    I exercise daily. I do cardio 5 times a week and strength training 2 times a week.

  110. Melanie Gorey says:

    I walk my dog everyday. I do Insanity from home, I also eat a healthy diet & I juice.

  111. olena says:

    I am very excited to win The Delta Labs pack for ladies! I love to go to yoga and core classes in Lifetime fitness club weekly! And always spreading the word about Vitacost -when people asking about fitness and health secrets of my household!

  112. Karen Jaras says:

    Just starting to work out again after 2 years of mending broken bones from a bad accident, I would like to try Delta Labs Detox Natural Cleansing Formula.

  113. simeon says:

    5 days a week at the gym gets the job done.

  114. Virginia says:

    I eat good and try to stay active at all times!

  115. Nicole says:

    I stay fit by biking, my goal is to be able to finish a century, but my first challenge will be the Tour de Cure in June. I also eat lots of fruits and veggies and take my vitamins.

  116. Vicky Passmore says:

    I stay fit with healthy, whole foods and power walking–and I would love the women’s fit pack.

  117. shannon gowlett says:

    i stay fit just by being a mom soccer brownies go here go there kids keep me going I would like to win the mens pack please

  118. Cameron cooper says:

    I workout 5 nights a week. When I can find time for it I also love going running with my mom, Or if there is a race ill train for it.

  119. Becky says:

    I hop on my apartment sized eliptical for 30 minutes a day!!! I would LOVE the womens pack!!!

  120. Lilia says:

    Eu sempre fui atleta …. Mas de uns anos pra cá desanimei um pouco e ganhei um tiquinho de massa gorda !
    Ah eu quero ganhar massa magra agora usando muitos pesos
    Gostaria de ganhar um Delta Mulheres !
    (: Brasileira , solteira e bem resolvida graças a vida que Deus me deu !

  121. Aaron Garcia says:

    In order to stay fit, I go to the gym and do isolated weight lifts about four or five days per week while I eat three healthy meals a day. I believe that the Gamma Labs for guys would help me to stay fit and I would like to test if this would be true.

  122. Elizabeth says:

    Being a mom of 2 kids who refuse to let me workout let alone sleep. I make a point to cook healthy meals for the family and no we dont even eat muc dairy unless its lets say… greek yogurt or different milks (but only 1 cup daily). I rely on supplements because I am on a pretty strict diet. For working out, I try doing pushups with toddler on my back, squats holding baby, sit ups with kids on my tummy or legs. and leg lifts sitting on couch with the kids sitting on legs and toes. So I can get a pretty good workout that way. Not to mention DANCING!!! we love to dance to disney songs like RIO

  123. holly says:

    Walking with my children and two dogs… would love the women;s pack.

  124. Terri R. says:

    I go to a swim class twice a week, dance, and walk regularly. I also do Yoga, Pilates, and am considering Qi Gong . Add that to cooking, cleaning, taking care of my Westie and myself . It keeps me active! Good Luck everyone !

  125. Terry Pescosolido says:

    I mostly stay fit by running. And, to not get lax with that, I sign up for road races–which gives me the motivation to keep training. :-). Gamma Labs (Men’s) package.

  126. Sam Nazari says:

    I run on the treadmill everyday :)

    The men’s package please

  127. Laura says:

    I’m the youngest of my siblings in a somewhat large family, and I was raised with adventure video games as my bedtime stories – instead of children’s cartoons I had Final Fantasy VII, and in place of fairy tales I had Ocarina of Time. I’ve internalized all the stories and my place in them as the hero, and my method in life is much the same, centered around becoming the best player possible. A hefty part of that is being fit – mentally, physically, and spiritually – so I’m a high enough level to take on anything and continue being the hero.
    Sorry for all the gamer nerdishness, but it’s what is! :)

  128. Melissa J. says:

    Staying fit is more than just going to the gym every day, it’s a lifestyle that requires dedication to your diet as well as your fitness routine. For me personally, I do go to the gym every day, it makes me feel great and I find that even on my rest day I’m itching to get active. I lift weights, run, do body weight workouts, and I also play sports. It’s important to keep fit by doing things that interest you and keep you excited, I’m fortunate because I love every kind of activity. Along with the physical activities I’m involved in, I also coach a young girls basketball team and I train softball pitchers for a rep organization. It keeps me busy and on the move! Fitness in my life is keeping healthy physically, mentally and emotionally, it all plays a huge role in achieving that next step :) I would love to win the Delta Labs Pack for women!

  129. Brittany Gliniecki says:

    I stay fit by taking vitamins, listening to music, and getting a moving and grooving workout at least 5 times a day for an hour, that and eating healthy meals help too. Delta Labs

  130. Raymond Parker says:

    Strength training 3-4 days/week and 1-2 days of some type of cardio. I would want the Gamma stack!

  131. Rosalyn says:

    all i can say this is an explosive package of products

  132. chris says:

    I lift 5 days a week and do conditioning workouts once or twice a week

  133. Sara says:

    I stay fit chasing after my kids and getting involved in their play.

  134. Tabi says:

    I do ballet at least 5 days a week, and crosstrain with pilates mat work and 30 min hiit on the elliptical most days. Oh, and I would like the delta labs prize

  135. Christina says:

    I go for a walk every night with my mum! I would like to win the women’s products

  136. Liz says:

    I walk 6 times a week, sometimes also do some aerobics, would like to win the Delta Labs pack.

  137. Diane Horowitz says:

    I stay fit simply by eating very healthy. I make a fruit smoothie every day adding fresh berries, Green Vibrance green powder, flax seeds, a scoop of cinnamon and a dollop of fat-free greek yogurt. I love eating hearty salads as my dinner and I try to have vegan meals at least 3 times a week. Keeping my diet clean and free from processed foods keeps my body fit and balanced so I’m fortunate I don’t have to exercise as much as most people

  138. Diane Horowitz says:

    Oops – forgot to mention I would be interested in the Delta Labs packs for women

  139. Tia says:

    I practice yoga.
    The Delta Labs

  140. Josh says:

    Im not lying i just want free stuff

  141. AJ says:

    I pick heavy things up and set them back down. gamma labs!

  142. Thiago Roberto says:

    I’m training seriously, with strict diet in pursuit of better results. Everything is working fine, with a lot of dedication and discipline, using supplements from Vitacost and if possible with these new supplements that are rewarding their Vitacost friend customers.
    I hope to get a continue my training and increase my results. These products can help in my goal.

    I love Vitacost.

  143. Brian says:

    I stay fit by lifting 4-5 times a week..2 days of cardio..nutritious food..and I want the Gamma Labs pack..Thank you

  144. Lynda says:

    I stay fit by walking everyday. I would love to win the Delta Labs pack!

  145. Eric says:

    I train everyday balancing my cardioand strength training so I can feel good and compete in sport events with my younger colleagues even though I am 15 years older… They have no idea I am that much older because of the shape I keep my body in. The Gamma Labs mens pack would enhance my performance even more. Thank you for offering the contest!

  146. Emilie M says:

    Getting fit is new to me, but is something that I know I need to do. I have started going to the gym, but also try to take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. And I have been more conscientious about what I eat. I would love to win the prize pack for women!

  147. Brenna says:

    I stay fit by riding my bike to the park every day (weather providing). I pull my puppies in their bike trailer, and let them run, too.
    I also do 100 sit-ups a day, and I lift weights, too.
    If I win, I would like the women’s set, please. Thank you! :)

  148. Luke says:

    Gamma Labs:

    I play football, basketball, I go gym, I raise money for charity by running in marathons etc, and I want to stay GAMMMAAAAA!

    I also play video games 😀

  149. Mara says:

    I love Zumba classes at the gym and also geochaching with my hubby and dog in the trails! We also only eat healthy organic foods and I grow some of our own foods during the summer. I would love to win the Delta Labs pack,

  150. Katie Thom says:

    Eat well and active lifestyle! Don’t have a ton of time for exercise but I do things like getting off the bus early, parking further away from the entrance, squeezing in a ten minute walk, household chores, and walking to work. I exercise when I can, but that’s not more than twice a week. Would love the Delta lab prize package! Thanks :)

  151. Alicia says:

    I work as a medical massage therapist in a physical therapy clinic and am on the go all day every day.
    I work out on a pilates reformer strengthening my core and performing cardio with the rebounder attachment on a daily basis.
    Would enjoy receiving the Delta Labs pack.

  152. jeffmg says:

    As a veteran with several medical issues, I stay fit by using the VA gym 5 times a week, and making sure I take the right amounts of supplements. I am also concerned about quality and price, that is why I always use VitaCost.

  153. How to stay fit even if you can’t always get to the gym? This is the question i have struggled for many years! The past few months I had good intentions of getting out and doing my runs outside, bundled up in my layers. In the past I would have been really into doing that, but this year with all the snow and ice I opted out. Exercising in winter is really important, I believe, for staying healthy and fit, but I’ll be honest: running on the treadmill at the gym is not really my thing, either. I decided to set myself up in my apartment with things that would support my workouts at home. So, it was yoga or Pilates, rebounding or quick circuit training at home on my own. I happen to live in a city where I walk a lot anyway, so I counted that on some days as my cardio. On any given day I could easily walk 3 miles, and if I walk at a quick pace, it counts as a decent workout.The bottom line is, you need to do the little things to take care of your body every single day, like taking out the garbage or brushing your teeth. Otherwise weight piles up, immune system weakens, sluggishness kicks in, cravings take over, and it’s a downward spiral. I started:

    1. Drink more water every day: At least 6 glasses. In the morning is a good time to get hydrated. I recommend a 16 oz. glass before you eat or drink anything else. No matter what, you’ll feel better if you have clean fresh water in your system.
    2. Eat a healthy, low sugar, protein rich breakfast. Click here for some ideas. Lately one of my favorites is brown rice and beans which I prepare and keep in the refrigerator. I know it’s not a typical breakfast, but it’s so delicious when I crave a warm and savory breakfast instead of cold (smoothie) or sweet. It also keeps my easily fluctuating blood sugar stable, I can really feel the difference. Click here for my Cuban black beans and rice recipe if you want to try it. It goes great with this Amazing Cabbage Slaw!
    3. Eat water rich foods. Vegetables, fruits, fresh juices, soups. They help mineralize and hydrate your body.
    4. Find some sort of physical activity that you love doing and do it for as much or as little time as you can. Walking, dancing, a few minutes of yoga, some pushups or squat thrusts, some lunges, stair climbing up to your apartment, jumping on a rebounder trampoline, whatever. It’s all good.
    5. Make a small workout plan. For example, you might have only 10 minutes to workout, so you can do 2 sets of lunges and 2 sets of pushups and a forward bend as a stretch. Then later in the day do another round. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but hey, it is way better than nothing.
    6. Don’t underestimate the power of a few minutes, often. A little goes a long way when you keep it up. And those minutes add up. You don’t necessarily need to be in a gym 24/7 to get fit.
    I found these to be really helpful when it got really cold and I just could not get myself to the gym, or even to commit to a full hour or more of working out. If I’m feeling it, I’m thinking someone else out there must be too! It truly is the little things that you do regularly and consistently that add up to a healthy lifestyle. So, hope this helps, keeps you feeling good until you have time for and feel ready for longer workouts!

  154. Jessica Adams says:

    I would like to win the Delta Labs prize pack. I stay fit by eating organic food.

  155. anil says:

    i work out by walking my dog,joining clubs and eating healthy. i would love to win the gamma labs kit because i enjoy gaming and have chosen my school subjects to help me achieve my goal of being a games developer or games designer my birthday is on the 16th of february so it would be nice to win it would be like a birth day present from gamma labs. :)

  156. Kevin C. says:

    I lift weights and I chose to live on the 3rd floor and take the stairs everytime.

    Gamma Labs pack :)

  157. Abraham Casas says:

    I’m a natural bodybuilder. I workout 5 times a week and also do power lifting. I would love to win the Gamma Lab’s pack. Thanks!

  158. ratcha-un says:

    I stay fit by eat healthy food a lot of vegetable ,and fruit drink a lot of water ,sleep more than 7 hrs per day ,after 6 pm no eat ,exercise and play kinect game in x box with my 4 years old son everyday I would like to win delta labs pack for ladies please.

  159. Emmy Walker says:

    My best friend and I just started training for our first half marathon! It had felt so good to start getting back into shape. The Delta Labs would be awesome for support!

  160. krystal wethington says:

    i walk on the treadmill and im trying to get healthier this year.I would love to win the delta woman pack!

  161. Brenda White says:

    I walk to stay fit. I would like the Delta Labs package olease

  162. Teri McNallen says:

    I walk and continue with physical therapy for my neck. I would love to win the women’s set!!

  163. Deb Eland says:

    I use fitness DVDs at home, use weights and my Total Trainer. I also go to the gym to use the treadmill. The Delta pack for women is my choice. Thanks!

  164. Vincent Lee says:

    I keep fit by doing my fav sport, scuba diving. I get to swim and enjoy the sun sea and sand at the same time, if i win i want the mens set

  165. juan says:

    Me and my wife like to mix it up. we run, do body weight circuits and recently joined the YMCA, where i will lift weights and she uses the machines. We also have some work along
    kettlebell videos we alternate with some H.I.I.T. routines and even some yoga from time to time.

  166. France lacroix says:

    Bonjour, moi je marche 4 fois par jour avec mon chien, je pratique le Yoga afin de mieux combattre le stress. J’aimerais bien inclure le Delta Labs pour femmes dans mon quotidiens pour rester en forme. Merci

  167. CR says:

    I invested in a treadmill and am making the poor baby work its wheelies off along with me as we work hard adding up mile after mile. Add on top of that your great product, G FUEL and this treadmill is in for a long, long ride with no end in sight..e-he! The fun part is with my treadmill I can choose routes from all over the world like running in NYC, France or other famous cities or countries. Without your refined product, I would not have been able to keep up this far since I jog twice a day. Distance and sweat quantities abound, and I also stretch like a guru/yoga “master”. I’m on a mission and together with your power drinks we are gonna reach that goal line. Thank you for your support Gamma Labs, Delta Labs and Vitacost!! PS. I would like the Men’s Gamma Labs fit pack *ends typing and goes back to jogging*

  168. Olivia Herring says:

    I stay fit by carrying fruit and vegetables from the markets. My age is 69 and I could use the FEMALE HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS.

  169. Heather says:

    Mid-life, starting the body image over one day at a time seeking a product that works with my goals to get me fit and healthy. I would love to try the Delta Labs for Woman. Trying to loss 50 lbs this year.

  170. Judy Cowan says:

    I use wii fit plus twice a day. And I also do a morning soy protein and vitamin shake.

  171. samantha says:

    i’m a full time mom and i love to work out everyday i have 3 kids so i like to keep the weight off and if i win. i would love the women’s set, pleeeeeease. thank you!

  172. Joe K says:

    I stay fit by watching my diet and exercising 5 days a week.

  173. Pat says:

    I stay fit by practicing yoga at least 3 days a week (usually more), strength training at least 2 days a week, disc golf, ice skating, frisbee and snowboarding. I’d like the Gamma Labs pack :)

  174. christina moore says:

    I love to walk, I try to walk at least 3 miles aday

  175. Amy says:

    I rebound and walk with my toddler. I would love a women’s pack.

  176. Sarah B. says:

    I’m a dancer, I dance to stay fit and it’s fun!

  177. charles says:

    i am a gamer so i need gamma lab gfule to keep me from crashing and working out

  178. jamie says:

    Drink water, eat nutrition-dense plant food do yoga. Walk. I supplement with enzymes and probotics when I eat cooked food. Delta pack please.

  179. Tatiana Lane says:

    Running, strength training, diet and supplements. I would love the Delta Labs pack.

  180. Sara says:

    Walking! Would love the delta woman pack!

  181. Jennifer says:

    I like to use the rowing machine! It tones just about every muscle in the body, and you can adjust the intensity of the workout.

  182. Arlene says:

    I walk 3.5 miles every day along with a few stretches and balance exercises.. Treadmill during bad weather.

  183. i work out almost every day at the gym or going for 6= mile fast walks with my dog. i do spin classes as well as yoga. i like to eat and it is crucial for me to burn alot of calories to maintain a good weight and good energy level. i also take pre-workout supplements to help my endurance, as well as using protein powder and other vitamins.

  184. Shannon Bird says:

    Outdoor anything, baseball, cross country skiing, walking, skating, hiking. I’d love the Delta Labs pack to win

  185. kendra says:

    I walk my dogs and walk back and foreth in my house cleaning.I also drink Green Tea. Delta Labs (for the ladies)

  186. Andrea says:

    I live a Paleo lifestyle and do Wii Fit Step Aerobics with the 4″ riser/step at least 5 hours a week. I also golf as much as I can, weather permitting!! I’d love the Women’s Delta Pack!

  187. Jamie says:

    I love to walk outside when it’s nice, and I do mall walking when it’s cold out. I also love my Wii Fit. Delta Labs for women please

  188. Kassidi says:

    My boyfriend and I work out in the gym at our university! We also like to longboard and ride bikes! =D I’d love to win a Delta Labs fit pack!

  189. Tari Lawson says:

    I lift weights and run to stay fit.

  190. Christine says:

    workout is walking and Delta Labs for women

  191. Sarah B. says:

    I dance! And I like the women’s pack :)

  192. Nancy Cargil says:

    Love to go walking with my pack of dogs! And would love the Woman’s pack! thanks!

  193. Allyson says:

    I take spin classes! I also just started working out with a trainer and try to drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep and practice clean eating. Delta labs womens pack please!

  194. Shelly Boyd says:

    I walk, run, hike, bike, or even take the stairs wherever I need to go… I’d love to win the Delta Labs fit pack (for women)

  195. Amy Paul says:


  196. DEON VILHAUER says:

    I have various exercise videos that I workout with, plus I love to walk and play with my kids. I would love the Delta pack!

  197. Earl says:

    I do circuit training at home at least 3 times a week using my wife’s ipad which has a circuit timer app. I connect the ipad to our tv so I can see the timer full screen :)
    I also try to walk in the middle of my shift at work.
    I’d like to win the Gamma Labs prize pack please.

  198. Spencer Jaschkowski says:

    I stay fit by attending my local gym 6 days a week, with a schedule that includes 5 minutes of warmup jogging, then 15 minutes of HIIT cardiovascular work. After that, I have a weight lifting split that has me train legs twice a week because they are the biggest and most used muscles in the body, and provide the most athletic ability. I use that ability to play hockey with my team, and track and field. I play hockey on sundays, and train for track on mondays and wednesdays. My second leg day of the week includes prowler work for leg and back endurance, and one and two legged jumping. Before bed I do a 15 minute walk with my mother also. I also have a course for my school that is based on weight lifting and sports, that we do daily. I also participate in yoga and stretching classes to keep flexible for sports. My diet is a big part not to mention. I eat lots of vegetables, plus a Vegegreen shake daily, get my recommended protein in, higher than normal carbohydrates due to activity, but that is alright. But importantly I take a 2 multivitamins that cover everything I don’t get from my whole foods. I drink my gallon of water especially, for hydration. Your body cannot be strong on its own, your mind is a huge part. To be mentally strong I just do my daily schoolwork, along with French and German studies to increase my skill in the languages. I do extra math when I have time, because it puts a tough feeling into your mind, working it well and resulting in a stronger mind. I would like the Gamma Labs pack by the way please!

  199. Denetra says:

    Would love the woens prize pack. Wor 12 1/2 hour shifts walk the stairs and work out 3-5 days a week. Walk, cruches, 6 inches, dance use , 5 pound weights and shake weights.

  200. Sarah B. says:

    I dance a lot! And I prefer the women’s pack

  201. Spencer R. says:

    Two Spencer’s in a row?? Wahhhhhhhh… Anyways, I’m not quite the fitness junky in the regard that most of you are saying but what I do believe I am is a healthy human being that strives for a better and healthier lifestyle.

    The Gamma Labs stack sounds like a great opportunity to whomever the stack will go to and should I be the lucky one chosen, I will greatly look forward to have the stack to help me with my better well-being lifestyle goals!

  202. zuzana says:

    ..after a loooong pause .I got back on my antic threadmill just this week

  203. michael cooley says:

    football player!!! mens pack

  204. Heather Mackinnon says:

    PT each morning and watchng wat i eat!

  205. Shaina says:

    I run and eat whole foods. I’d love the female pack.

  206. Connie says:

    I stay fit by growing my own organic veggies like kale & tomatoes in my little raised bed.all year around. I stay hydrated with green tea. I try to get in at least 2-3 days a week of running or biking for 45 mins during those days. I wuld love to try the Delta Labs pack. Thank you for offering the giveaway!.

  207. Joanna F says:

    Staying fit is not like “okay now in February I’m going to be healthy”. It is changing your whole lifestyle. It’s better to make 3 small changes you can do forever than 1 huge change that is annoying and you’re not gonna stick with it. I stopped eating fast food, stopped going to coffee shops, and work out 3x a week either at the gym or with DVD sets. All that $ I’ve saved on food pays for the gym so it all works out. Since I’m a lady I would want the female pack, lol

  208. athena d. says:

    i am the mother of a two year old. i am constantly on the move, whether it be chasing her all around the house or cleaning up after her. i try to stay mobile all day. so when we don’t have anything to do, i’ll take her outside and we will go for a walk.

    and i would LOVE to win the Delta Labs fit pack (for women). it would be such a blessing!

  209. Vicki P. says:

    I work out taking care of my farm and animals every day. I also take care of my health by taking good supplements from Vitacost!

  210. Glenda Crane says:

    I walk as much as I can. Also I dring homemade smoothie’s when I get a snack attack.
    Would like the womens Package.

  211. Arielle Leblanc says:

    I am a crossfitter and I’m looking to find the right product that is going to help me get the results that I want. I would love to with the men’s package because I am looking for a great ore workout and post workout protein. I think these products will be the ones to help me get to my goals

  212. Jason England says:

    I stay fit by trying to eat healthy and lifting weights. I’d love to win the Gamma men’s pack.

  213. Rachel Skirvin says:

    I like to do calf workouts while I do dishes, lunges while mopping, squats while I vacume, pick n up peas while scrubbing the bathrooms, and dancing while dusting. In the evenings I try to do at least 45 min of cardio on my treadmill, and crunches 15 x 3. My goal is to lose 60+ pounds this year and get my Life back. I miss being healthy, happy, active, and energetic. If I win, I would love to get the Women’s Package. Thanks for the amazing sweepstakes. Here’s to a new day and second chances! <3

  214. Christie B says:

    I stay fit by doing all the different beachbody programs! Right now I’m doing insanity and I love it! Most important I buy my protein and supplements from Vitacost! I’d love to win the prizepack from gamma labs! Hubby loves their products!

  215. Marvin O says:

    I start out with an easy morning workout, then in the middle of the day or near the night time I do some insanity. Gamma labs please I’d like to try it out :)

  216. lisa says:

    I stay fit by simply using YouTube Videos. I don’t have much time with work, school and 2-year old twins so I try to manage at least a 15-minute workout everyday. I also enjoy keeping fit by playing outside with my babies and walking with them. I’ve also been watching my diet as well. Being on the go, I keep Nutritional Bars, and Organic drinks with me. I would love to win the Delta Labs Package.

  217. Sarah B. says:

    I dance a lot! And I prefer the Women’s pack :)

  218. Russell Wright says:

    I do DDP Yoga. I’d obvoiusly want the pack for guys :)

  219. athena d. says:

    i am the mother of a two year old. i am constantly on the move, whether it be chasing her all around the house or cleaning up after her. i try to stay mobile all day. so when we don’t have anything to do, i’ll take her outside and we will go for a walk.

    and i would LOVE to win the Delta Labs fit pack (for women). it would be such a blessing!!

  220. Paulo says:

    i think the most powerful thing to stay fit it’s our willpower, never give up and always remember your goal, that’s not simple to reach but it’s worth!

    I’d love to win a Gamma Labs fit pack (for men)!

  221. Randy Spire says:

    I stay fit by eating well and exercising 5 times a week! I do cardio, weights, and machines to stay in top shape.

  222. William B Simkins, Sr. says:

    I have used your products in the past, Talk about quality product!!!

  223. Claudia Stokes-Stoltz says:

    i take vitamins and supplements. Walk my dogs and try to exercise . would love to win the Delta woman’s pack

  224. Mary says:

    Exercise and eating right.

  225. Christine jordan says:

    I have adopted a clean eating life style along with cardio andstrength training
    I would be thrilled to win the Delta womans pack :-)

  226. Deeana says:

    This month it is 1 upper body workout with weights, 1 lower body workout with weights and 3 cardio classes (Bodypump, Piyo or Guts & Butts). Delta Womens Pack would be a great bonus to my weekly workout

  227. mischma petitfrere says:

    i am a yoga fitness instructer and i run a mile a day and would love to win Delta Labs Thermogenic Post-Natal Fat Burner

  228. Lenin Rueda says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’m a Men’s physique competitor and personal trainer. Now, I want to tell a little bit about at one point I was 70lbs over weight. This was just last year in 2012. one yr ago in February I attended my first men’s physique competition and I loved it and said I wanted to look like that so for 6 month I dedicated, sacrificed and work my ass off, every day. I competed and I placed 2nd place in my division or class. Now, I was a trainer and I was fat and over weight. I never been like that, I just left my self goooooo to far. Bc I was a trainer, I though OH I can always get back in shape, it’s ok to eat a box of cookies and a whole pizza on my own at 1am. Well I got my act together and trained hard. I want to share my quick story so I can inspire other to keep on there nutrition and fitness plan. All I want is for everyone to know it’s within aims and you can do it. Thank you for reading my post or comment.

    If I was chosen to win the contest I would take the male pack or anything.

    MY best to YOU!!

  229. Sarah B. says:

    I dance a lot! And I prefer the Delta pack :-)

  230. Jennifer H says:

    I walk, use fitness DVDs, elliptical, and the balance ball daily. I would love to try the Delta Women’s Pack!

  231. Nicholas H says:

    I use th treadmill, elliptical, and swim regularly. The Gamma Men’s Pack would be a great addition.

  232. cyn g says:

    I stay fit by using eliptical/ cardio/running, eating healthy, meditating, and doing yoga. I would love a women’s pack.

  233. Enrique R says:

    I do strength training 4-5 days a week with cardio in the form of HIIT and some steady work a couple days a week. I also take protein powder, Vitacost Men’s Multi-vitamins, and Met-Rx Aminos. I would love to try the Gamma Labs pack.

  234. Jen Lane says:

    I work out 6 days a week to my numerous Leslie Sansone dvd’s – my current faves are 5 Fat Blasting Miles and 3 Mile Sleek & Slim, as well as keeping up with my three kids and cooking and eating a whole foods diet safe for my daughter with celiac disease and 22 food allergies.

  235. Sarah B. says:

    I dance all the time! And prefer the delta pack :-)

  236. Jon Heil says:

    Hope I can win seems like a great product!

  237. I’ve just started working out again after 5 years of inactivity due to medication. It feels great. I hope I’m walking miles and running again soon.

  238. Melanie says:

    Gym 3+ times a week…bike, elliptical, treadmill, weight machines, free weights & Sauna! Also, try to eat healthy & low carb most of the time. Hope I get the Delta Labs kit for women! : )

  239. peter chao says:

    I eat rght, sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night and try to exercise by either runn9ing, lifting weighs, swimming or full body exercises. I would love to win the GAMMA LABS. thanks

  240. Mike G says:

    I work in an office and freelance so I sit at a computer for far too long every day. This makes it easy to just forget about the gym but I stay fit by setting a strict gym regimen and sticking to it. Along with some great supplements from Vitacost and a healthy no junk diet! I would really like to try out the Gamma Labs package for Men

  241. Pamela Schneider says:

    Delta Labs (for the ladies)….keep fit with a Personal trainer and elliptical

  242. Holly S. says:

    I stay active & take supplements, including Green Superfoods. I would love to win the prize pack for Women. Thanks!

  243. Aggie M says:

    I chase after my one year old and take supplements. I’d love Delta pack. Thanks.

  244. Deborah Gagliardi says:

    I hit the gym 5-6 times a week with weight training, consume the right amount of protein with shakes and proper meals, and take the proper supplements. I would love to win the women’s stack as looking for new supplements to try to help me reach my goals.

  245. Sarah B. says:

    I dance a lot! And would prefer the Delta Women’s pack :–)

  246. paula skeans says:

    I have small children so always going and try to take walk often and eat healthy

  247. Teresa says:

    I have just begun my firness program but suffer many vitamin deficiencies and need that women’s delta pack

  248. tina page says:

    I have been doing yoga but look fwd to getting back out and walking/running/hiking when spring comes!

  249. Meredith Jones says:

    Zumba. I’d love to win the Delta Labs fit pack!

  250. Nancy Reid says:

    I stay fit by eating healthy, practicing yoga and cycling! Please put me in for the Delta Labs package!

  251. Tom Blade says:

    I play dek hockey twice a week and workout 4 times a week. Got 2 kids (3&9) and work FullTime……..Gamma Labs prize pack for me

  252. Tonya says:

    I work with horses and feed hay with a hay fork twice a day. It is quite a workout. I try to eat the right foods and take vitamin & mineral supplements.

  253. Sam says:

    I say active by going to my school gym. There I lift weights and box. I’m trying to get back in shape and the gamma labs would be a great motivator.

  254. Lou Ann says:

    I would love to win the Delta Labs fit pack. Recently, I’ve been trying to get back into a fitness routine due to stress. What works best for me is eating healthy and walking/running/stretching and bouncing on my rebounder.

  255. P Richa says:

    I would love the womens package. I swim 3x’s a week and work out in the gym every other day! Thanks for this chance to win :)

  256. Kirsten H. says:

    I stay fit by walking as much as possible, eating healthy and lifting weights. I would love the delta fit pack for women. :)

  257. Revo says:

    I’m a regular at the gym now going each week increasing my time and days this year really taking my workout serious I hate to miss a day. Please give me the Gamma Labs as I encourage the help and support of my friends to join me.

  258. Heather! says:

    I do yoga! I’d love to win the Delta Labs prize!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  259. Dominique says:

    I take care of my 2 babies and that’s a lot of running around! I want to win the pack for men please =)

  260. Terry Wayne says:

    Gamma Labs me !

    I lift, bicycle and walk my dog.

  261. Rick says:

    Try to walk at least 30 minutes per day.

  262. jen gersch says:

    i stay fit by doing exercises for different body parts

  263. Kayla says:

    I bike to school (a little over 3 miles) everyday.

    1. Kayla says:

      I would like the Delta Labs please!

  264. Jasmine says:

    I take Mag- O7 every night, and RAW Garden of Life Multi-Vitamin, Country Life Liquid D3 and a probiotic in the morning! Oh yes, and a scoop of chia seeds with my almond milk. Yum. I feel great. Oh yeah, I’d like the Delta Labs!

  265. Sophia Lee says:

    I hate exercising per se. LOL! so i stay fit by dancing with my kids using the WII Just dance :) and yes i would love the Delta Labs!

  266. Danielle Johanns says:

    I stick to a plan! Exercise 3 days, break for one exercise 2 days, break for one = 7day week. During my workouts I will walk to the gym to let my body know “hey i’m getting ready to do some work”, and hit the tread mill for 30 then I’ll work only my arms one day abs the next and legs after that. When there is time i’ll throw in something fun and different like a sauna treatment or swimming. I also fast one day every 2 weeks, with water mostly but coffee and juices are thrown in too. 1-2 in the morning as breakfast 1 glass midday, l glass for lunch and l-2 for dinner. On my non fasting days I keep my meals at least 4 hours apart and eat around 100 grams of carbohydrates to prevent protein withdraw. I eat things that are low on the glycemic index like grapefruits, peanuts (source of Coq10) sausage tomato soup and use fructose as sugaring. I stick to vitamins and supplements that help boost my work out performance like the b vitamins, l-carnitine (1-2 g a day) BCCA branched chain amino acids (leucine Isoleucine and Valine) (2g a day on full stomach) Gamma Oryzanol (200-500 mg a day) Ginseng (200 mg a day standardized extracts) Chromium Nicotinate (200 micro grams a day) CoQ10 ( recommended is 100 but i use 600 mg! good for your cardiovascular health! R-Lipoic acid ( 50mg a day) (R.R.R. I can’t stress R enough, Alpha is bupkis!) and if you can get a hold of it DHEA 25 mg once a day every other day with wild yam extract on off days but that is regulated by the FDA now. A lot of these are powerful Anti-Aging drugs. Along with allllll of that I keep a positive outlook and try not to judge myself too harshly, there’s always room to grow (the way you want)! Good Luck!

  267. Deborah says:

    I get at least 8 hours of sleep and eat healthy.

  268. Casey says:

    I love ZUMBA!!! Delta Labs ROCK!!!

  269. Aaron S says:

    I would love to win the Gamma prize pack to help me stay fit. I do CrossFit and lift weights 5/6 days/week. I am also training for my first sprint distance triathlon this summer by swimming, biking, and running.

  270. Jacquelyn N. says:

    Staying fit for me means making the effort to eat as clean as possible. I avoid added sugars and processed foods at all costs. I try to buy local and organic foods. I drink as much water and tea as I like, and avoid soft drinks and alcohol. Also, I do what I can to stay active, even in the cold Minnesota winter. This year I started using my dvd rental subscription to try out as many work out dvds as possible. It kept me from getting bored and there is always a nice change in what section of my body I am working. I would very much love to win the women’s pack! great Giveaway!

  271. Vitaliy says:

    Lifting weights, cross training and jogging. The men’s gamma pack is what I would like to win

  272. Sarah B. says:

    I dance all the time! And prefer the Delta pack :)

  273. Mary E. says:

    I’ve purchased products from Vitacost before and would love to win the Delta Lab Femestra & Advanced Biotin Formula Hair, Skin and Nails. I stay fit as a 47 year old by walking at least 20 minutes a day and jumping rope.

  274. Sarah B. says:

    I dance all the time. And prefer the Delta pack!

  275. I actually could be fitter.I do yoga and aerobics but not often enough. I would like the Delta pack.

  276. Katie Roch says:

    I stay fit by walking at least 30 minutes 5 days a week. I would like to win the delta labs prize.

  277. Jason Vaughn says:

    I started ridding soda from my diet. I’ve lost 90 pounds so far.

  278. Michael says:

    Eat healthy, low carbs, cardio, and good weight training program

  279. Camie W says:

    I walk every day – would love to win Delta Labs pack for women!

  280. Tatiana Lane says:

    Low-carb, high in fruit, vegetables, protein, legumes and coconut oil diet. Get plenty of exercise and water. Incorporating protein shakes and supplements. Delta Labs for women.

  281. Jill says:

    I would love to win the Delta Labs fit pack for women. I have just started getting back into running. The goal is to start training for a 1/2 marathon as soon as I get back in good shape.

  282. Christina McQueen says:

    I eat lots of fruits and veggies (greens). I also walk 8-10 miles a week so I think that Helps. I would like the Gamma Labs :)

  283. Danimal1975 says:

    Exercise at least 5 days a week and watch fat, calores and carbs. Delta Labs for men.

  284. Whitley says:

    I have a well balanced diet that includes foods that are low in saturated fats, sodium, sugar, and cholesterol. I eat lots of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables and add in nuts and wheat germ to get all the necessary nutrients for my body overall. I also exercise everyday while keeping my body hydrated with water and tea. The Delta Labs pack would fit into my life perfectly.

  285. Linda J. says:

    Crossfit everyday, clean eating, lots of water, enjoying life. Delta Labs for women.

  286. Charles V says:

    eat well and work out at the gym

  287. steve says:

    I walk 2 miles a day & I take fish oil for my heart!

  288. Sarah B. says:

    I dance a lot! prefer the Delta pack

  289. Jenny B says:

    I have Fibromyalgia working out is a lot different for me than it was 5 yrs ago I can no longer do what I used to do like running and weightlifting. I have to be very careful and continue on the path of fitness as my life lets me, I do yoga and my elliptical trainer a few times a week, includes taking all of my supplements everyday.

  290. diane Baum says:

    Any prize-I attempted to stay fit by doing pilates 3 days a week

  291. heidi says:

    I would love to live the Delta Labs prize pack. I stay fit by walking everywhere and by doing yoga and spinning all the time. I also try to eat as clean as I possibly can

  292. jennifer sproha says:

    Teaching and Being YOGA is how I like to keep healthy

  293. C. Okwara says:

    I stay fit by eating clean and working out 2-3 hrs 4 days a week! I would love some help from that men’s pack!

  294. ky2here says:

    I go to the gym daily and jog when it’s warm enough.

  295. Devin says:

    i lift 3 days a week and do cardio the other 4

    mens please

  296. colten says:

    i eat whole foods, buy from vitcost!!!!!, get plenty of sleep and water, and lift weights daily

  297. Krystal R says:

    Would love to win the Delta Fit pack! I keep fit by eating healthy, mostly clean eating… i do yoga for the mind and body benefits, I do cardio, and I weight train…

  298. Elizabeth says:

    Im a stay at home mom. Living in unpredictable and weird weather conditions like extreme heat or cold or tornadoes. When we are trapped inside the house I use the kids in my exercises. Leg lifts while daughter is on my legs and doing arm workouts while holding baby. Lots of squats and lunges, leg kicks which my daughter finds fun, as well as dancing around the house. She likes to ride on my back while I do push ups. Equiptment isnt cheap, cant always afford gym memberships, and its not easy to just get out of the house and run. I find ways to nutritiously, take a great multivitamin and supplements, and find different ways to workout.
    #womens health products is what I would love to win. Or anything for kids health as well.

  299. Hesper Fry says:

    I workout 3-5 times a week. I would like the Delta Labs fit pack for women.

  300. Rebecca Peters says:

    I workout twice a day and I eat healthy.. I would want to win the womans

  301. jules mcnubbin says:

    eating lots of fruit and veggies, drinking lots of water, and walking or doing elliptical

  302. Geoff K says:

    I stay fit by running, playing tennis, and swimming regularly. I’d love to win the Gamma Men’s prize pack. Thanks!

  303. Kathleen Smith says:

    I have lost some weight – eating healthier, quality supplements, drink lots of water and green tea and stay as active as I can. I would like the Delta Labs fit pack for women

  304. Brittney House says:

    I am eating less fast food and trying to stay fit by going to the gym at least 3 times a week.

    1. Brittney House says:

      I would also like the woman’s pack

  305. Edith Miranda says:

    I go to the Gym and I love it!
    I like the Delta Package.

  306. Heather McDonough says:

    I try to run twice a week and work out three times a week.

  307. Cheryl Reinhardt says:

    I stay fit by walking and taking hikes and riding my bike! I would love the Womans Pack Please

  308. Diane W says:

    I walk my dogs everyday.

  309. susan smoaks says:

    to stay fit i get up at 4 each morning and work out

  310. Kendra Gillilan says:

    Treadmill for cold winter

  311. Michelle H. says:

    I workout regularly and incorporate healthy foods into my diet. I would like the women’s pack.

  312. Rachel Ellis says:

    I take the kids for daily walks. I would like to win the Delta Labs gift pack! Thank you!

  313. Lamar says:

    I exercise daily even if it’s active rest and I have a balanced diet from quality food sources.

  314. Robert Pyszk says:

    I work out twice a week. Would love to win the Ladies pack

  315. Lana Broeker says:

    I horse back ride….and walk the dog. I would love the Delta Labs gift pack for women.

  316. I walk or ride the stationary bike daily. I’d love the Delta lab gift basket!

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