Health Trends: Dry Shampoo, Chitosan and Tanning Beds

What’s hot (and not) in health this week? Let’s explore the latest trends and info, including shower-free shampoo, a unique form of fiber and the not-so-hidden dangers of indoor tanning.


Dry shampoo. Your hair looks horrendous, but there’s no time for a shower. What do you do? Grab some dry shampoo (we like Acure Organics Dry Shampoo with argan oil and CoQ10), give it a shake and gently brush it through your strands to cleanse away dirt, oil and grime without wasting water.   Talk about convenient!

Chitosan. Chito-what? Pronounced kite-oh-san, this natural substance is actually a type of fiber derived from shellfish. Historically, chitosan has been used for agricultural, horticultural and health purposes, including skin/hair care and weight management.


Tanning beds. It’s no secret that tanning beds aren’t exactly healthy, although some argue that the UV exposure can be more easily “controlled” in an indoor environment. New research actually reveals that many female college students who lay under the lights — as many as 1 in 5 — often end up burned, rather than bronzed. Researchers recommend that men and women of all ages refrain from using tanning beds, to protect skin from the possibility of UV damage.

For a safer glow, try Ecco Bella Flower Color Bronzing Powder.

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  1. Jesse says:

    Are there protective measures you can take when using UV tanning beds to make them healthier?

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