Introducing (drumroll, please)… Set & Save!

Down to that last spoonful of peanut butter? Laundry detergent bottle feeling light? In the past, this meant a trip to the store, or at the very least, spending precious time online ordering more.

But those days are finally over. With Vitacost’s revolutionary Set & Save program, you can have your favorite items automatically delivered to your home””according to a schedule you choose. This means no more running out and, even better, no more hassle of getting more!

Sounds great””but revolutionary? You bet. What sets Set & Save apart from other auto-delivery services is the way you save. When you create your order, the lowest prices on the items you’ve selected are locked in. Plus, you get an extra 10 percent off select brands””and occasional surprise gifts!

Ready to start saving time and money? Set up your Set & Save order today. New members will be automatically entered to win a free, 7-day cruise for two!

To learn more about Save & Save, watch this video.

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