NEW APP: What Kind of Mom are You?

Happy Tuesday Newsday!

Are you a slacker mom? A make-your-own-rules bombshell kind of mom? Or maybe a middle-of-the-road everymom? Now with the NEW (free!) app from Vitacost and Momonomics, you can find out once and for all.

The interactive app features a fun multiple-choice quiz to help you determine which type of mom you are – plus offers specialized product suggestions to enhance your shopping experience!

Here’s a snippet from the quiz:

Take a break - and take the Momonomics quiz!

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

a. How sweet it is to be woken up by a happy baby babbling.

b. How sweet it is to be woken up by a hot stud snoring.

c. Whose feet are in my face, and why do said feet smell like they’ve been dipped in peanut butter?

d. I hate mornings.


How often do you and your man do “date night?”

a. Every Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

b. We try to do something at least once a month.

c. What’s a date? It’s been so long…

d. Every night is date night, if you know what I mean.


Download the Momonomics app now for FREE at the iTunes store!

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Katie is a Marketing Editor (and loyal customer) at In her spare time, she enjoys biking with her husband, playing with her pets and writing bios about herself.

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2 comments on «NEW APP: What Kind of Mom are You?»

  1. Jorie says:

    I’m a slacker mom! Oh well! Fun times. :-)

  2. Katie says:

    Jorie, glad you liked the app! There are plenty of questions so feel free to take the quiz again and again :)

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