How to Pick a Protein Bar

It’s sad but true: In our busy, everyday lives, meals sometimes get skipped.  Ideally, you should be eating something every two and a half to three hours. But when there just isn’t time to prepare a healthy meal, protein bars are a good occasional substitute. Of course, they’re not meant to replace real meals; but eating a protein bar is definitely better then eating nothing at all.

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Remember, when you skip meals, your metabolism slows down, causing your body to burn fewer calories and to store fat. You also miss out on important vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients your body needs to function properly.

With so many brands and types of protein bars available, how do you choose? Before purchasing a box of bars, be sure to read the label. Pay close attention to the protein count and sugar content. Think about your dietary needs first, then try different kinds to find a flavor you like.

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These are some of the best choices I have found for myself:

Oh Yeah! Protein Wafer by ISS Research
These light, crispy wafers supply 14 grams of protein and have only four grams of sugar. I like them in Peanut Butter Crunch or Peanut Butter and Caramel flavor.

Minis by Kind Healthy Snacks
These are smaller versions of the popular Kind bars, with only 107 to 155 calories per bar. They’re great to take along with you because they won’t melt!

Zing Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Bar
If you avoid soy, dairy and gluten, you can’t get more delicious than a Zing bar–specifically, the dark chocolate hazelnut flavor. This vegan treat gets its power from plant-based protein.

Vanilla Muscle Sandwich by Muscle Sandwich
This bar is strictly a treat for me. When I’m craving something sweet, I would rather eat one of these and get 13 grams of protein than eat an empty-calorie, high-fat candy bar or cookie.

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