Reuse Your Holiday Cards

Now that the holidays have come and gone, what should you do with all those greeting cards? Instead of tossing them out, check out these five ways you can recycle and reuse your holiday cards:

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1. New card: Reuse last year’s cards by turning them into brand new ones! Simply cut off the front and paste it onto a folded piece of construction paper, card stock or a blank card. Just keep in mind who the original sender was, so you’re not sending the same card back to them!

2. Postcard: Next year, save on postage by turning your old holiday cards into recycled postcards! Once you cut away the back portion (the part that’s written on), the front of your old cards are instantly transformed into festive postcards.

3. Gift tag: Turn your old greeting cards into crafty (and free) gift tags. Simply cut out the designs you want to use, punch a hole and add a festive ribbon to tie onto your holiday gifts.

4. Art project: Holiday cards come in all types, from corny cartoons to elegant artwork. These designs make the perfect addition to any sort of craft project for both kids and adults, including collages, journals, scrapbooks, ornaments, boxes and so much more. The possibilities are endless ““ just let your imagination run wild!

5. Recycling bin: When all else fails, don’t forget to recycle any cards you haven’t reused. Most greeting cards and envelopes are generally accepted, but cards with metal foil and dark colored envelopes (such as red and green) typically cannot be recycled. Check to find out whether or not your local facility participates in a mixed-paper recycling program.

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