The Sweaty Truth About Sauna Suits

Though not an everyday sighting, it’s not unusual to see someone in the gym wearing plastic from head to toe. These sweat suits, or “sauna suits,” are worn with the hope of speeding up weight loss by burning extra calories during a normal workout. Some even claim it helps shred fat more efficiently. So what’s the truth?

Sauna Suit -- To Reduce Bloating

I, myself, like to wear a sauna suit once in a while. With bikini season around the corner, it may be a good time to bring mine out of the closet. Here’s why:

The idea
Sauna suits are aptly named. When all but your head and hands is covered in plastic or rubber, your body temperature rises and you sweat excessively. All that perspiration leads to water loss. If you’re retaining water, wearing a sauna suit while you work out may certainly lead to dropping pounds and inches.

The benefit
Sadly, these hot suits don’t make you burn more fat, but they do help cleanse your body of extra water weight. In fact the only good reason to wear a sweat suit while working out would be to undo the damage from, say, a spring break binge or cheat day gone wild. Basically, whenever you’re feeling bloated it’s a good time to sweat it out.

The danger
Please use caution. An increased body temperature can lead to heat stroke if you’re not careful. At best, you could become dehydrated and throw off your blood’s balance of essential vitamins and minerals. Be sure to re-hydrate with electrolyte-infused drinks. Coconut water is naturally rich in electrolytes — and tastes so refreshing! For low-cal hydration, Emergen-C Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix in Acai Berry provides electrolytes, antioxidants and B vitamins for an extra boost.

The alternatives
There are many other ways to cleanse your body in a natural way, including:

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