Calm Your Colicky Baby

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! The wailing may come without warning, and despite your best efforts to console him, your baby continues fussing. If your otherwise healthy newborn cries uncontrollably, you may be dealing with a fairly common condition known as colic.

It can be heartbreaking and frustrating to experience, but there are a few natural ways to gently soothe your baby’s crying.

1. Massage. Gentle massage can help calm your baby’s nerves and help release trapped gas.   Add a dab of Aura Cacia Organic Calming Baby Oil to your hands. First, place your palm on your baby’s tummy and gently stroke downward, alternating hands. Next, use your fingers and palms to circle your baby’s belly in a clockwise motion.

2. Nursing. According to one study, babies who aren’t breastfed are twice as likely to experience colic. (Need nursing supplies? Vitacost has you covered.) If you’re already breastfeeding, steer clear of foods that may trigger colic, such as coffee, tea and chocolate. If the colic is caused by an allergy, you’ll need to eliminate the offending food.

3. Swaddling. Swaddling your little bundle in a special blanket can be especially soothing. Be sure to practice safe swaddling – avoid fabrics that are excessively loose or heavy, don’t cover your baby’s head and make sure he can still move his hips.

4. Good vibrations. Jiggling, swinging and vibrating sensations can also help calm a fussy baby. Always support his head and neck, and avoid jerky or wide motions – back and forth movements should be no more than 1 inch.

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