5 Foods I’m Enjoying this Passover

I remember keeping Passover years ago, as a child and then as a young twentysomething. I ate mainly Seder leftovers. Since corn syrup is a no-no and had been a major ingredient in many foods back in the 80s and 90s, snacking really was a struggle. Fortunately, keeping the holiday has become much more delicious in recent years, now that unprocessed, natural foods have become a regular part of my diet.

Here are 5 foods I enjoy year round–including Passover:

Dark chocolate

chocolate without dairy

My favorite way to end the day is a square of dark chocolate. Check the ingredients to make sure it’s kosher chocolate to begin with, and that there’s no corn syrup or alcohol, and then enjoy!

Almond meal flour

almond flour in desserts

Check out this amazing paleo blueberry cobbler recipe

If you don’t love matzo meal, try baking with almond flour instead. It’s made from almonds that have been finely ground into a powder, and its baking versatility is pretty incredible.  I’m eager to try this 5-Ingredient Paleo Blueberry Cobbler recipe, which uses almond flour instead of the usual fluffy white stuff.


quinoa for PassoverQuinoa only tastes “chametz”—it’s not a grain but a gluten-free seed that fluffs up into a rice or couscous like consistency when cooked. I make mine with milk, raisins, chopped walnuts and cinnamon for a filling, protein-packed breakfast.  It’s also a nice side dish when you’re “over” all of those potato-starch-filled Passover starches.

Raw truffle treats

raw cacao and almond butterI’ve recently become obsessed with these organic raw almond butter cacao truffles by Two Moms in the Raw. The only ingredients are almond butter, agave and cacao, all of which are Pescach-friendly. Disclaimer: this is packaged food, and it has not been certified kosher for Passover (just kosher.) I do enjoy them over the holiday, but depending on how observant you are, you may not decide this is appropriate. It’s pretty easy to make your own chocolate-almond butter treats with acceptable ingredients either way!

Fresh fruit + raw nut butter

Raw nut butter with fresh fruitMy favorite pre-dinner snack is a tablespoon of a raw nut butter (usually almond, but I also love walnut butter) with a tart fruit, like a granny smith apple. I love the mixture of sweet and tart and creamy and crisp.

Wishing all who celebrate a meaningful and family-filled Passover!


Jorie Mark is Vitacost.com’s Director of Marketing Communications and mom to three kids, ages 4 to 11.

About Jorie

Jorie Mark is Vitacost.com’s Director of Marketing Communications and mom to three kids, ages 4 to 11.

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