Bottoms Up! Why Cherry Juice Makes the Perfect Drink

Sweet with a twinge of tart flavor, cherries make the perfect healthy snack. But when concentrated into a juice, the nutritional benefits of this fruit are hard to beat.
What makes cherry juice so healthy?

Nutrient content: Tart cherry juice concentrate contains several beneficial nutrients, including potassium and vitamins A & C.

Antioxidant power: Plant compounds with antioxidant properties abound in cherries – they include anthocyanins, chlorogenic acid and flavonol glycosides. Antioxidants are helpful in defending the body against damage caused by free radicals.

Recovery support: Tough session at the gym? Cherry juice may actually promote muscle recovery after exercise – plus, it supports a healthy inflammatory response within the body.

Convenient form: If you’re not keen on the idea of eating an entire bowl full of cherries, mixing up a quick cherry juice drink might be more appealing. It’s easy and delicious!

What to look for: Not all   products are created equal. Most contain a juice concentrate that can be mixed into water or any other beverage – allowing you to customize the product to your needs. Look for an organic cherry juice concentrate that’s 100% pure, with no added sugars, colors or flavors.

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