Did You Know Vitacost Carries: Fish Food, Lifting Gloves and Seaweed Snacks?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, I’m obligated to inform you that Vitacost.com sells a very large number of healthy products – at the moment the number is just over 39,000 and growing!

Even though I’m familiar with many of the items on the site, I still regularly come across new, exciting products (well, they’re new to me!), so I thought I’d share a few with you.

Fish food. Time to feed your fishy friends? Look no further than Vitacost.com; we carry an array of fish food products for all types of fish, including flakes, pellets, wafers – even worms, shrimp and krill. Yummy!

You’ll also find an array of aquarium accessories and supplies, including water conditioner and algae control. (Don’t forget to sign up for Set & Save, to keep your fish food and supplies coming when you need ‘em!)

Lifting gloves. Weightlifting can be hard on your hands – that’s why real men (and women) turn to the support of Valeo Lifting Gloves. Get a (better) grip with the padded leather palms and breathable mesh. The terry-lined interior is designed for ultimate comfort, while the hook and loop closure and velcro strap ensure a perfect fit. Choose your size and get ready to pump some iron!

Seaweed. Yep, Vitacost.com sells seaweed – but not just any seaweed. We’re talking savory roasted Korean seaweed. If you haven’t tried Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks, you’re in for a real treat! As one customer stated, these flavorful bites are “much healthier than other crunchy alternatives to chips.” Choose from spicy wasabi seaweed or savory sesame.


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