Five Foods for Healthy Summer Skin

When it comes to glowing skin, there’s no need to resort to drastic measures. For a flawless summer complexion, simply add these five nutrient-packed foods to your plate:

1. Strawberries: A refreshing treat, strawberries are plentiful in the summer. These sweet berries are a good source of skin-supporting nutrients such as vitamin C, which helps promote collagen production, and polyphenols, antioxidants that provide protection from the hazards of the summer sun.

2. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A. This nutrient helps generate new skin cells for a fresh, healthy complexion. Vitamin A also acts as an antioxidant, defending the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

3. Avocados: Can guacamole contribute to your healthy glow? Maybe so! Avocados are an excellent source of vitamin E, which helps your skin form a protective barrier against environmental stressors like sunlight and pollution. Avocados also contain healthy fats, oils, B vitamins and fiber, nutrients that can nourish and moisturize your skin from within.

4. Flaxseeds:  Sprinkle some flaxseeds on your next meal to give your skin a healthy dose of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega-3 EFAs support smooth, calm skin by promoting the body’s normal inflammatory response and helping skin cells retain water and moisture.

5. Pumpkin Seeds: These tasty seeds are a great source of zinc, a mineral that may help soothe and repair minor skin irritations while promoting the production of skin-plumping collagen.  Like flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds also contain omega-3 EFAs to nourish healthy, glowing skin.

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