How to Build a Better Breakfast

What’s up in the morning? In my house, it’s one kitten, one cat and a whole lot of breakfast demands. The kitten is meowing for his special kitten food; the cat wants to make sure that she’s not forgotten, and I’m juggling their purr-sonalities with my own desire for a cup of coffee ASAP.

Build a Better Breakfast

But the ideal breakfast contains more than coffee – and my cats may be smarter than many of us humans. Kick-starting your metabolism with a good breakfast can prevent you from giving into desires for mid-morning doughnuts, which can cause blood sugar spikes and sags that lead you to making the wrong and fattening decisions for the rest of the day.

The perfect breakfast contains protein, fats and carbs, whether you whip up a shake or spend time creating an impeccable omelet.

Here are some suggestions for crafting that first meal of the day:


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