Is Non-GMO the Way to Go?

Food is exactly perfect in its natural state. It doesn’t need to be altered or refined to be some twisted version of what once was the very thing which sustained life. Sadly, there is a great deal of genetically modified organisms masquerading as nutrition in our food supply.

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Some studies have linked GMO foods to cancer, leaky gut syndrome and obesity. Where I live, in California, we prompted an initiative to label GMO foods as such; alas, we were beat down by the big companies who had a heavy stake in keeping the public ignorant.

Regardless, education is spreading, people are becoming concerned about the effects of these foods on our bodies, and more notably, many many other countries don’t allow them in their food supply at ALL.

Luckily, we have companies like, working hard to bring food, in all of its non-engineered glory, to us. With one quick trip to their site, you’ll find a plethora of non-GMO products in a variety of categories including baby food, diet, beauty and sports and fitness–including a very reasonably priced line of health foods from the brand.

Organic non-GMO quinoa carries a large array of non-GMO “foodie” favorites, including quinoa!

I’m especially excited about the new line of non-GMO Whole Food supplements because while it’s not a stretch to figure out where to find organic, non-GMO apples, supplements are something you might not even consider as having GMO ingredients. From omegas to multivitamins to popular health supplements such as maca powder and chia seeds, you can find a variety of products to meet your non-GMO needs at

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