How Set & Save Can Save Your Sanity

I’m somewhat forgetful. In addition to being forgetful, I also have some strange aversion to shopping with a list, even though I always forget something. This includes products I need to run my household on a daily basis. Some may choose to stick up for me and say, “But you’re juggling so many things! It’s no wonder why you’re forgetful.” (Side note: no one says this to me.) While this may be true, I’m still stuck making an extra trip to the store between pediatrician appointments and karate class.

My life has been made infinitely easier by taking advantage of the Set & Save program at’s Set & Save program puts your shopping list on cruise control.

We take a good amount of supplements in my house. Psyllium, B-Vitamin Complex, and Spirulina are part of our overall health regimen. It’s easy for me to fall out of the habit of taking my morning vitamins, and it’s even easier if I run out of them. Having them on a delivery schedule has been a huge help in keeping me on track. My three kids also go crazy for Multi-vitamin Gummies. We go through them quickly and you’d think we were living in post-apocalyptic famine by the reaction they have when the bottle is empty. Of course, that’s no longer a problem because I have them delivered every other month using Set & Save.

Speaking of my kids, Set & Save has been a life saver when it comes to packing healthy lunches. I have Eden Foods Wild Berry Mix, Bare Fruit Dried Cinnamon Apple Chips, and Annie’s Organic Pretzel Bunnies delivered every two weeks. I’m not tempted to give them junk food because I always have a variety of healthy options in my pantry.

Then there are all of those household items that I think I always have plenty of, except then I go to mop the floors or run the dishwasher and I’m standing there with an empty bottle in my hand. By adding Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner,   Earth Friendly Wave Auto Dishwashing Gel, and Seventh Generation Paper Towels to my bi-weekly delivery, my floors are clean enough to eat  from (not really, I have dogs; please don’t try to eat off my floors).

The moral of the story here, my friends, is that you can do it all by yourself, but you shouldn’t, because there is no gold medal in martyring. Take advantage of the “Mommy Helpers” out there. Remove some of the stress from your daily life and let someone else do some of the work. Set & Save is a mommy’s best friend!


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