Pop Goes the Potato

So you’re searching for the perfect low-cal snack. Greasy chips are out, as is anything made with neon orange “nacho cheese.” Baked chips are low in fat, but where’s the taste?

Enter popchips.

These delectable, all-natural treats are not fried, not baked, but still absolutely delicious and free of hydrogenated oils, MSG, preservatives and other funky additives — like that fake orange color.

How do they do it?

Popchips are made with a special method of heat and pressure – pop goes the potato! Then they’re topped with an irresistible blend of seasonings to create the perfect flavor – like sea salt and vinegar, chili lime, sour cream and onion or finger-lickin’ BBQ.

You’ve never seen or tasted anything like them before. Grab yourself a bag and discover the magic of the POP!



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Katie is a Marketing Editor (and loyal customer) at Vitacost.com. In her spare time, she enjoys biking with her husband, playing with her pets and writing bios about herself.

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