Vegan and Vegetarian Foods at

Eating a vegan or vegetarian diet doesn’t mean limiting yourself – especially with all the vegan and vegetarian foods and other products available at!

Here’s a small sampling of our vegan and vegetarian offerings to suit your lifestyle:

Snacks: Feeling a snack attack coming on? Curb your cravings with these vegetarian snacks:

  • Andean Dream Gluten-Free Quinoa Cookies – these vegan, soy-free, all-natural chocolate chip treats are individually wrapped so you can grab and go! One Vitacost reviewer recommends dipping them in rice milk – yum!
  • Orgran Gluten-Free Crispibread – Made from filling quinoa and healthy brown rice, these crispy crackers are the perfect vegan snack.
  • Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops – Vegan candy? Yes, please! These playful pops are also made from real fruit extracts and contain absolutely no artificial colors or flavors.

Breakfast foods:

In addition to foods and snacks, also carries vegan and vegetarian vitamins and supplements!



For those of you who are creatures of habit, don’t forget to sign up for Set & Save – you get the lowest locked-in prices and convenient scheduled delivery of your favorite vegan and vegetarian products, plus 10% off Bonus Brands!


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  1. Muhammad says:

    I love all the info that you’re posting laltey! I’ve been trying to incorporate more whole foods into my diet laltey, so it’s perfect timing and great motivation. Do you happen to know of any whole foods vegan cookbooks? I’m having a hard time finding any, aside from raw foods cookbooks, which are great, but not exactly what I’m looking for right now. If you have any suggestions let me know. Thanks!

  2. Here says:

    I just wanted to thank you for writing this article on Vegetarian food blog. I liked reading it. Best wishes, Patrick :)

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