What is Kefir?

You may remember my previous blog covering fermented foods and drinks – and how they’re good for you. (Even wine! In moderation, of course.)

In addition to wine, there’s another fermented drink you may be interested in, and it’s called kefir.   It may sound exotic, but it’s not as scary as you think.

What is kefir?

Much like yogurt, kefir is a product of cultured milk. Kefir grains (or kefir starter, in powder form) that contain bacteria, yeast and milk proteins are added to pasteurized milk that has been heated, then cooled. The result is a thick and creamy product that can be enjoyed as a drink or with a spoon.

Why is kefir good for you?

Also like yogurt, kefir contains many beneficial strains of bacteria (probiotics), as well as healthy yeast, vitamins and minerals. Eat with fruit for an extra boost – yum!

Where can I get kefir?

Chilled, pre-made kefir is available. But why not make your own? Just mix kefir grains/starter with milk, let it ferment at room temperature for 12-36 hrs, strain and enjoy! Homemade kefir offers a great way to get your fill of beneficial bacteria. (As a bonus, it can also double as a healthy substitute for buttermilk in your favorite recipes!)

Not a fan of kefir or yogurt? Consider taking a probiotic supplement, which provides beneficial bacteria in capsule form.

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