Eat More, Weigh Less?

What you eat is important””but how often and how much matter, too. To keep your metabolism revved up, fitness expert Jennifer Nicole Lee recommends ditching traditional “big” breakfasts, lunches and dinners and instead aiming for smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day.


Eating three square meals a day is hard enough for busy people. How can you manage even more? When time is tight, try a BSN Syntha-6 shake. Packed with protein, this delicious and nutritious meal replacement also supplies vitamins, minerals and fiber to fill you up!

Fitness model, author and mother Jennifer Nicole Lee offers quick and easy tips. Check back next week for a new JNL video tip.



About JNL

Jennifer Nicole Lee is an International fitness model, best-selling author and motivational speaker who has appeared on Oprah, CBS The Early Show, Inside Edition, E! Entertainment and Fox and Friends. She is the author of the The Fun Fit Foodie Cookbook and was named one of the “Three Top Females in the Fitness Industry” of 2011 by Yahoo Sports.

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