Attention Walmart Shoppers

Need to cite someone””a friend, a celebrity, yourself””for questionable mothering? Feel free to post pictures, videos or stories here.

Today’s ticket goes out to this Walmart shopper who stuffed her infant into the storage basket of her stroller and put her more “precious cargo” in the stroller seat. (Thanks, People of Walmart!)

And to think how much most of us over-thought the stroller-purchasing decision. Who cares if you buy a Bugaboo or a Zippy or a Baby Jogger City Mini if you’re going to use the stroller as a shopping cart and stick the baby in the bottom?!! Who knew that little basket could be used for more than diaper bags?

(And in a shameless plug for, the people who sponsor our wonderful website, if you don’t want to put your child in a shopping cart, rather than sticking her in the bottom of your stroller where she could possibly fall out or get kicked in the head, how about staying home and shopping online??)

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One comment on “Attention Walmart Shoppers

  1. Liz says:

    It looks like she’s about to knee her own child in the head! She obviously did NOT over-think the stroller purchase.

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