Healthy Cooking with your Kids

Today is Food Day! Speaking of food, your kids would probably rather eat mozzarella sticks than spinach, right?  That’s certainly no surprise. But there is one easy (and fun!) way to get them on board with healthy eating. Invite them into the kitchen!

Here are some tips and benefits to including your children in healthy cooking:

  • Kids’ pick. Involving your kids in the food prep process means they get a say in what you make and how you make it. As a result, they’re more likely to enjoy the meal!
  • New foods not so scary after all. Your picky six-year-old usually turns up her nose at new foods (especially vegetables). But when she helps you pick it out and prepare it, she might be willing to give that “scary” veggie a try.
  • Drive past the drive-thru. More healthy meals at home = less unhealthy meals on the road. Even if your schedule is jam-packed, you and your kids can prepare several meals ahead of time and freeze them to eat later.
  • Gather ’round the table. It’s usually impossible to drag your teen away from the computer, but he’ll have more incentive to sit at the table when he helped prepare the meal.
  • Mad skills.  Teaching your children how to mix, blend, baste and bake can get them excited about cooking and healthy foods – but these skills may also give them confidence in other areas of life!
  • Set them up for success. Start with quick and easy recipes and be sure each task is age-appropriate. Ask toddlers to wash fruits and veggies, measure out dry ingredients, and help mix certain things by hand. Older kids can help with harder tasks, like kneading dough, cracking eggs and grating cheese.

Bon appetit!

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