Multivitamins: Are They Right for Me?

Q: Should I be taking a multivitamin?

A: While it’s possible to get all the nutrition our body begs for from food, let’s be honest. We don’t always have stellar eating habits, leaving us with a less-than-perfect picture of health. That’s why a multivitamin can be an excellent foundation, filling in the nutritional gaps that are often created by our modern diets.

Q: How do I know which multivitamin is right for me?  

choosing a multivitaminA: There’s a variety of multivitamin formulas, catering to different age groups, males and females, even special dietary needs (think: organic, gluten free, vegetarian and so on). This may seem like a tricky marketing tactic, but each and every body has its own nutritional deficits. For example, a men’s multivitamin may include ingredients to support prostate health and amino acids to promote strength and endurance. On the other hand,  women’s multivitamins will often have extra nutrients for hair, skin and nail health. This is also why prenatal vitamins are formulated specifically for nursing mothers, featuring iron and folate.

From your diaper days to the golden years, there’s a multi to support your current lifestyle. If you’re an active 60-year-old, a multi with omegas to support your joints and heart health may be top priority. Have a high-schooler on your hands? Even young and spry  teenagers  need proper nutritional support as they transition into adulthood…if they’re not too cool to take them, of course. Make sure they’re getting enough B vitamins for optimal energy and vitamins A and E for smooth, supple skin.

Are all multivitamins large, hard-to-swallow tablets?  

It’s not unusual to have a hard time swallowing tablets. And, we highly recommend taking your daily supplements with a full glass of water. Eating some solid food afterward is a good idea, too. That being said, multivitamins do commonly come in tablet form but can also be found in capsule, liquid, powder, and chewable forms. Find whichever works best for you and your body. Don’t forget: we’re always here to help!

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