Should I See a Nutritionist?

It’s hard enough trying to figure out what you should and shouldn’t eat””but you may also have questions about when you should eat, how much you should eat, what supplements you should take and what you should be doing to maintain or achieve a healthy weight.

A visit with a nutritionist might be just what you need. According to the American College of Nutrition, a nutritionist is a health professional trained in food and nutrition science. They specialize in preventative nutrition and are knowledgeable in health issues related to nutrient deficiencies.

In a nutshell: a nutritionist will help you eat correctly, providing a list of appropriate foods and a schedule for when you should be eating them. He or she will create a unique, customized eating plan to help you meet your health goals, taking into consideration medical issues, family history, food preferences, food allergies and more. They may also recommend supplements to help balance your diet.

The following are good reasons to consider consulting with a nutritionist:

Taking Control of Your Health
Changing diet and lifestyle can have a profound impact on your health, increasing your odds for a healthy, happy future.

Supporting Your Body During Illness
What you eat has a direct effect on your body’s ability to stay strong.

Maintaining or Losing Weight
A healthy weight is important for physical, mental and emotional health.

Maximizing Benefits from Fitness Routines
Being active is only half the battle. Without the right foods, you will not achieve optimum health, even if you exercise regularly.

Increasing Energy and Well-Being
Eating well will help you feel better. When you’re in a rut, health-promoting changes can help you live the life you crave.

To find a nutrition professional, visit the American Dietetic Association at Click on “Find a Registered Dietician” and fill out the form. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of specialties including vegetarian nutrition, food allergies/intolerances, nutrition for older Americans, nutrition during and after pregnancy and more.

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