Choosing a Joint Health Supplement for Your Pet

As those four legged family members of ours begin to age, they suffer many of the same ailments as we do. Aside from annual veterinary checkups and making sure to stay on top of their dental hygiene, there is a wide range of supplements tailored perfectly to your pet’s needs.

Keep Your Pet's Joints Healthy

One of the most common problems pets suffer as they age is joint pain and arthritis. But did you know the same supplement known to promote healthy joints for us, glucosamine, is also good for cats and dogs? Pretty cool, huh? But don’t run into the kitchen and give Fluffy one of your capsules. They need just the right dose and formulation to make sure you’re helping them stay healthy.

Now, I have dogs, three to be exact, and two out of the three are getting up there in years. I wanted to start them on a glucosamine supplement, but the oldest of the pack is an ornery, grumpy old man. There’s no getting anything in that guy unless he thinks it’s a treat and I’m not in the business of losing my fingers to an eight pound version of Oscar the Grouch. That’s why I was relieved to find Nurtamax Soft Chews with MSM. In our house we call them “doggie marshmallows”, because they’re shaped like marshmallows (obviously), and the dogs go crazy for them. We have to hide them way up on the top shelf of the pantry because I caught the big one trying to open the pantry door to get more. I so wish I was kidding.

But if your fur-baby is of the feline variety, glucosamine is available in several forms. For the treat lover, Vetri-Science Glyco-Flex II chewable supplements are bite-sized and chicken liver flavored, so they won’t even know they’re taking a vitamin. And if your cat is the trusting agreeable type, Liquid Joint Health Purr-Fection liquid supplement can be given by dropper directly into his or her mouth.

We all want our pets to have the best life possible, and essential nutrients and beneficial supplements is part of ensuring they have a long, healthy life. Don’t put it off until they’re suffering. Set up a routine now and help your fur-baby live life to the fullest.

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