Pet Supplements: Top Picks for Your Furry Friends

When you’re doling out your family’s daily supplements, don’t forget Fluffy and Fido! has plenty of top-quality formulas for dogs and cats – to support healthy joints, shiny coats and more.

Check out these top supplement picks for your pet:

Multi-vitamin for cats: Even the pickiest feline will love PetNaturals of Vermont Multi-Vitamin Soft Chews. They’re free of sugar but full of healthy vitamins, minerals, taurine and digestive enzymes and bursting with irresistible chicken liver flavor. (Well, irresistible to your cat, anyway.) One shake of the bag and your kitties will come running!

Multi-vitamin for dogs: It can be hard to get your dog to take a softgel or capsule, which is why we recommend Udo’s Choice Pet Essentials for Dogs. This convenient liquid supplement offers vitamins, minerals, fiber, EFAs and other nutrients from organic, natural foods – absolutely no fillers, binders or other questionable ingredients. Two paws up!

Joint supplement (dogs and cats): The way to your pet’s heart isn’t petting or playing. It’s bacon. That’s why Vitacost ArthroPower for Pets Bacon Flavor is the preferred joint supplement for both dogs and cats alike. Each tablet provides glucosamine, chondroitin, manganese and MSM to protect and support your pet’s precious joints.

Coat supplement (dogs and cats): Turn that dingy fur into a shiny mane with Halo Purely for Pets Dream Coat! Perfect for both dogs and cats, this liquid formula provides essential fatty acids to support a lustrous coat and healthy skin, as well as normal immune function.

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2 comments on «Pet Supplements: Top Picks for Your Furry Friends»

  1. Lyn says:

    Looking for a good immunity boosting supplement for my 90# 12-year old dog. Any suggestions? He’s got chronic allergies to varying pollens, etc. in our area. Thanks.

  2. K says:

    Hi Lyn, Allergies are a tricky issue to resolve. Usually they stem from a deficiency in the base diet. If not already, you may want to try a grain-free food. Dogs are carnivores, and would always choose animals over corn and wheat if they were left free to roam. Supplements are good, as long as you make sure they are not filled with unnecessary fillers and are not synthetic. They need to be natural. A great resource is Dogs Naturally Magazine. I hope this helps.

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