I’m satisfied. Should I worry about him?

I recently invested in some”¦toys. I’d never used them before, and man, they are fun. And FAST! I am stealing a private moment pretty much on a daily basis. The bad thing about this is that I really have no interest in sex with my husband anymore! Everyone says these toys are great for your sex life but the fact is, after a long day with the kids clinging to me, the last thing I want is to be pawed by a guy who doesn’t leave the seat down!

OK, so what I am wondering is whether I should stop playing with my toys for the sake of my marriage? Or just suffer through sex””he really only is on my case about it once a week, anyway. I just hate faking it and I feel more annoyed than I used to feel about him fumbling around down there so inefficiently. What do you think? —blushingmommy

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