I’m satisfied. Should I worry about him?

I recently invested in some”¦toys. I’d never used them before, and man, they are fun. And FAST! I am stealing a private moment pretty much on a daily basis. The bad thing about this is that I really have no interest in sex with my husband anymore! Everyone says these toys are great for your sex life but the fact is, after a long day with the kids clinging to me, the last thing I want is to be pawed by a guy who doesn’t leave the seat down!

OK, so what I am wondering is whether I should stop playing with my toys for the sake of my marriage? Or just suffer through sex””he really only is on my case about it once a week, anyway. I just hate faking it and I feel more annoyed than I used to feel about him fumbling around down there so inefficiently. What do you think? —blushingmommy

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8 comments on «I’m satisfied. Should I worry about him?»

  1. Carol White says:

    Um, hello, have you ever actually tried communicating with your guy about what makes you feel good? Keeping it a secret is not good for either of you! Here

    1. barriejay says:

      I also get a feeling that you don’t talk to your DH. Nothing wrong with toys. Nothing wrong w/ masturbation. Something is wrong if you think of your DH as the guy who leaves the seat up. Should be more to your marriage than that.

  2. GabbyK says:

    I think your vibrator setting is too high. Try slowing it down to make it more like regular bedroom conditions.

  3. LeighM says:

    I think you and your DH are having an emotional disconnect and you

  4. barriejay says:

    I had NO idea that settings made a difference. Ya learn something new every day!!!!!!!!

  5. Wendy says:

    Try bringing the toys into the bedroom with your husband. You’ll have fun and your husband will think it’s hot! It’s a win-win.

  6. Andrew Davis Jorie says:

    Rhiannon, I’ve been to a few of those parties and they are a total hoot! It’s a bunch of girlfriends drinking wine and laughing hysterically at the crazy “equipment” being sold. Have fun!

    (Psst….if you see something you want, you might just want to do a pricecheck and see if we carry the item on Vitacost.com. I’d hate to put the sex toy party people out of business, but we sell all kinds of fun toys and we’re pretty cheap!)

  7. Jackie says:

    Hello Blushing Mommy
    There is nothing wrong with using toys as long as it does not take the place of your husband. Thats why you have heard it is actually good to have these toys because we learn a lot about ourselves and what we like and what is needed. This information is not to replace our significant other. It is to share this information (and toys) with them so you can both grow closer and enjoy sex.
    If you feel uncomfortable talking to your husband about these toys and about what you need then there is definitely a problem and you should get rid of the toys until the marriage is fixed. If you are getting satisfied by yourself, your urge to fix the marriage will linger, making things worse.
    Good luck girl!

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