Potluck Pleaser: Balsamic Tomato-Feta Slices

Casseroles, coleslaws, brimming bowls of sherbet punch—the potluck table will be full of tasty homemade creations, but none will be as elegant or eye catching as yours when you make these tomato-feta slices. As a finger-food appetizer or fancy side dish served with a fork, crumbly, tart cheese and fresh tomato line up for a gourmet upgrade in this quick-and-easy recipe, perfect for parties, picnics or using up your garden’s summer tomato harvest.

tomatoes with feta cheese


Balsamic Tomato-Feta Slices


3 ripe, large tomatoes
1 block feta cheese, crumbled
Fresh basil or dried basil
Balsamic vinegar


  1. Slice tomatoes to 1/8- to ¼-inch thickness.
  2. Crumble feta cheese.
  3. Sprinkle feta on tomato slices.
  4. Drizzle balsamic evenly on all tomatoes (drizzle sparingly for less tartness).
  5. Coarsely chop basil or use dried basil to garnish, making sure all tomatoes have some green sprinkles on them.

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