A boy and his Beba

Everyone pities the poor middle child, but I’ve got to say: My 7-year-old daughter Rebecca has it pretty good. She’s got a big brother to teach her how to hit a fastball and a little brother who follows her around like a worshipful puppy. Except for one thing. For years, my oldest son complained that Rebecca annoyed him (and indeed she did). But now she’s getting a taste of her own medicine. Because Charlie, the baby, just can’t get enough of “Beba,” as he calls her (and boy do we hear her name often now that he can talk!)

One day she was sitting in our big armchair, watching TV. Charlie, not wanting to be anywhere but next to her, climbed into the chair and plopped down on her lap. (And by “plop,” I really mean crush; he’s 33 pounds and she’s not all that much bigger!)  So Rebecca smartly decided to find a spot on the carpet rather than share the chair with her little brother.

And when she did that…this is what he did:

Oh well!

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One comment on “A boy and his Beba

  1. Andrew Davis Katie says:

    This is SO cute! I know that I annoyed my older brother to no end when we were kids, but I’m happy to say that we’re close now. Here’s hoping all 3 of yours will someday become friends! :)

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