Confessions of a bad Sunday school mom.

Last week, there was a big Purim celebration at our temple, which sounds like it should be a wonderful thing–and probably is to 99.9% of the Purim-celebrating universe. To me, it was just one more item stacked on top of my Impossible Wednesday. My husband texted me during work that I should take all the kids over there after work: My daughter would love to dress up like Queen Esther, my older son would be there for Hebrew school, anyway, the baby would like the balloons. My reaction was a surly, “Why don’t YOU take them?” (knowing he couldn’t; he works late on Wednesdays) because the last thing I wanted to deal with after a 10-hour day and a teething baby who’d kept me up half the night was a bunch of kids sugared up on hamentashen, running around with crowns on their heads.

So I ran over without the younger kids to pick up my oldest–but he was in the sanctuary participating in a Purim program led by the rabbi, and his teacher did all but physically tie me down to prevent me from removing him at the usual 6:30 p.m. pick up time. “Purim is a wonderful celebration! Come, sit down, join us!”

I’d like to say I sat down discreetly and watched the program with my son–but what I did instead was yank my kid away and explain to his shocked teacher, “I need to go home now. I worked all day, and he has homework, and I have a baby with a 7 p.m. bedtime. Sorry, maybe next year.”

Then, because I hadn’t eaten anything all day and felt like I was about to pass out, puke, or both, I seriously could not restrain myself from shoving an entire apricot hamentashen into my mouth on the way out the door. I am pretty sure the teacher saw this ladylike act, including the buttery crumbs I got all over my wool dress. Not one of my finest moments.

Oh well. I think my husband’s going to have to handle pick-up for the rest of the year!! My son, meanwhile, hasn’t held a grudge against me for making him duck out early. He was just glad I didn’t complain when he told me he was too full from Purim food to eat dinner!

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3 comments on «Confessions of a bad Sunday school mom.»

  1. Momofteens says:

    After bringing home way too many Purim goldfish, I have to say. Purim is wonderful celebration filled with drinking. You should have just told her you needed to pick him up early to get to the liquor store to prepare for your families celebration. She would have thought, “what a wonderful mom keeping with tradition” Then all you had to do was get home, baby on bed, open wine and enjoy Purrim…

    1. Andrew Davis Jorie says:

      How did I not know about the wine?? Honestly, if I’d had some wine in my system I probably would not have been such a batty stress case! 😛 Will definitely keep that in mind for next time! Thank you.

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