Confessions of a Mama’s Boy

Hi, my name is Andrew and I am a mama’s boy. Although I am a 22-year-old college graduate and work full time, I must confess the following: My mom makes my bed, makes me dinner, does my laundry, packs my lunch–and I live with her rent-free.

Andrew and his mommy.

After spending four years living in New York City, I never imagined that I would be back in my mother’s house, but I am and living this way definitely makes me not want to leave. Any sort of hope for independence is slowly fading, because Mama’s Boy Syndrome runs in my family – my father is in his fifties and still lives with his mother.

Mothers of the world, I need your help! Tell me why I should move out of my mother’s house and into my own place? Should I enjoy it while I can or has moving out been long overdue?  Is there any hope for me?

Andrew is’s social media guru. When his mom isn’t cooking for him, he has been known to eat Arrowhead Mills Organic Peanut Butter by the jar.  

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5 comments on «Confessions of a Mama’s Boy»

  1. Andrew Davis Jorie says:

    Aww, I think you guys are lucky to have such a close relationship! That’s really sweet.

  2. Catherine says:

    First – this is really sweet. I think it is definitely important to have a close relationship with our parents and we all need to make our own decisions on what time frame of staying home works for each of us. I have to say — personally — the feeling of being independent is extremely rewarding and I think you too would enjoy that.

  3. Andrew Davis Katie says:

    Being a mama’s boy isn’t all bad – I think you should enjoy the time you have together while you can, but make a timeline for moving out and regaining your independence. As someone who had to move back in with the parents twice after college, I know that you appreciate them much more once you move out (again)! 😉

  4. wj says:

    One wants to believe there is hope for you. If you ever want to have a lasting, happy romantic relationship in your life, start working towards your independence now. No potential partner should ever have to compete with your mother. If you stay with her, that will undoubtedly happen, and it is a heartbreaker.

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