Do mommies not eat pizza?

There’s this odd dance that always seems to take place at the birthday parties my kids are invited to:

-Ample pizza is ordered, enough for all of the invited children, their parents, and possibly a small village combined.

-The children eat the pizza.

-The parents do not.


Is it because seeing all those dirty little hands peeling the cheese off the pizza and then wiping their noses is unappetizing? Is it because mommies do not like pizza? Is it a diet thing? Is it peer pressure? Is it to keep the birthday child’s family equipped with a dozen leftover boxes of uneaten pizza as a sort of extended birthday gift?

As an ardent fan of the carby doughy oozing goodness, I just don’t get it. I’m also not a germophobe. I’m no Alicia Silverstone, but I’ve been known to gobble up kid-food delicacies that have been in my toddler’s mouth.

At my 9-year-old’s party, my husband and I felt very proud that we only ended up with an extra four pies. We’re learning. There might still be leftover pepperonis in the back of our freezer from his 3rd party.

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  1. Taylor says:

    That photo cracks me up. Is it an Anne Taintor?


    Taylor plus 5

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