Homework Sucks

Remember how much it sucked to do homework? Well, I’m a mom with a first grader who has homework almost every night and let me assure you, it still sucks. For me, helping with homework is just as bad as doing homework. I don’t care how many nickels Jack will have if he spends 30 cents. I’m old and I want to lay on my bed and play Words with Friends on my iPad.

I know that this is not a sentiment that I should share at the next PTA meeting (not that I go, but if I did…) but I can’t help it. And honestly, I think that if we could break into people’s minds, we’d find that every parent feels this way””even the super-nerdy ones.

I too want better public schools for my kids, but does it have to mean a part-time job acting out spelling words in a game of charades? Can’t we just agree as a society to put homework off for a couple of years?

Help me…I’m so tired.

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