So how important is it to be the Room Mom, exactly?

My daughter wants me to be the Room Mom. I am a SAHM so technically I don’t have a job preventing me from volunteering, but hello, I do have a life! I also have a baby at home. I just can’t spend an hour or so every day wiping noses and punching straws through juice boxes. Does this make me a horrible mother?

I am happy to go in a few times a month and help out. I just can’t be the mom in charge of everything. My own mother thinks I’m being really selfish! –JAYDA

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3 comments on «So how important is it to be the Room Mom, exactly?»

  1. Andrew Davis mirandaB says:

    No, not being Room Mom doesn’t mean anything. If you don’t want to do it, don’t! I promise, you are not going to Mommy Hell over this one! :-)

  2. shari says:

    No!! We need to know our limits and be able to say no–even to the adorable 6 yr. old.

  3. Amy says:

    Nope! I’d ask your daughter WHY it’s so important to her, though. Maybe she feels like she’s not getting enough time for her since the new baby is here (which, aslo, is totally not your fault!!) or maybe it’s a different need you can satiate a different way that works better for you. Have you suggested to her that you would be happy to help out in her class a few times a month? Maybe she would be satisfied with that :)

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