The Joys of the Toy Store

Last weekend, we had three toddlers to shop for. So my boyfriend and I headed off to the toy store. And somehow spent an hour and a half there… presumably lost in the waning glow of our youth.

The thing about not having kids yet? We rarely ever get to go to the toy store. So when we do, it’s like visiting a foreign country. Everything is new and amazing to us. An entire aisle devoted to crayons and colored markers? Rows and rows of tiny toy cars? Yes, please!

When we finally peeled ourselves away – because we had to go do grown-up things, like meet with the realtor – we had purchased not only toys for the three birthday children, but toys for ourselves, too. (Why not?)

I know the novelty of the toy store will wear off on us someday, when a little one (or two?) is tugging at our sleeves, begging in that adorably annoying voice, “Pleeeeeeeeeeeease, pleeeeeeeeeease can I have this?”

So we’re enjoying it while we can.

Moms, how do you feel about the toy store? Love it, or steer clear?

Marketing Editor Katie K. is a proud aunt to 2-year-old Emma and has another niece on the way! To help regain her lost youth, Katie likes to snack on Clif Kid Organic ZBars and Surf Sweets Gummy Bears.

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One comment on “The Joys of the Toy Store

  1. Jorie says:

    I am so glad you guys had fun!! You know, it’s been many years since I’ve truly enjoyed being in a toy store, but I have had a few nostalgic moments in the Barbie doll section.

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