We don’t beat her, I swear!

My poor boo has lots of boo-boos. She’s 15 months old and completely fearless. Her right cheek bruise is from climbing onto a table while I ran to check on dinner. Her left cheek got dinged up when she ran right into a toy kitchen cabinet at full-speed. Last week she tripped over my husband’s sandals and got a big scratch on the middle of her forehead. Then there’s the fact that mosquitoes seem to find her absolutely scrumptious. I realize I probably should put her in a white padded room at this point until she stops ramming into things. For now, I am worried that someone’s going to take one look at her and call child protective services. Please tell me this accident-prone phase doesn’t last forever!!

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3 comments on «We don’t beat her, I swear!»

  1. Andrew Davis Jorie says:

    My toddler doesn’t have any injuries, but he keeps whacking me in the face. Sometimes he has a toy car in his hand, and that can hurt! If I ever end up with a shiner, I’ll be pretty embarrassed to admit that my 1 year old was the perp.

  2. Andrew Davis Judd says:

    My baby girl runs around the house like a drunken mad man. It is all part of the course :).

  3. Amy says:

    The list of things my son has ran into, fallen off of, or gotten into becuase I’ve been making dinner, loading the car, looking the other way for half a second is endless. I, too, hope this phase ends eventually!

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