5 Tips for Muscle Building

Bodybuilders aren’t the only ones who think about muscles. If you’ve worn a sleeveless shirt or shorts recently, you may have considered that you’d look better if your muscles had more tone. If you’ve lifted something heavy, it might have occurred to you how much easier the job would’ve been if you were stronger.

Building muscle depends on a number of factors. Most importantly, you have to work out, challenging your muscles with added weight so your body recognizes it needs more muscle. You should also focus on nutrition, making sure you’re eating enough to build new muscle tissue. There are also other things you can do to build muscle:

Use Proper Lifting Techniques
When lifting weights, it’s crucial to use the proper technique. No progress will be made, and you might actually hurt yourself, if you don’t perform the lift correctly. Follow proper form and complete the number of repetitions required for best muscle-building results.

Focus on Your Workout
Watching television, having a conversation or thinking about your To-Do list when you’re lifting, may result in sloppy form or injury. Fully concentrate on each movement and you will be able to lift more weight and achieve better muscle growth.

Train Three Days a Week
Beginners should start with two days a week, but three days of muscle training are best for creating muscle growth. Trained muscles generally require 48 hours of rest to rebuild and replenish glycogen stores.

Eat Muscle-Supporting Foods
High protein foods benefit muscle building. Lean red meat, eggs, seafood, nuts and seeds, milk, cottage cheese and oatmeal are all ideal to incorporate into your diet when trying to build muscle. Avoid processed, high-calorie foods and focus instead on eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Supplement Your Diet
Supplements will not build muscle for you, but they can help when used properly. Creatine, for example, works by increasing the amount of energy available to your muscles, supporting healthy performance. Glutamine helps preserve muscle you’ve already built, maintaining muscle-building potential.






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  1. mcoker says:

    Nice list – another important part of building muscle is REST. Our bodies restore and muscles build while at rest, and getting proper, sufficient sleep is an integral part to any workout routine.

  2. NH says:

    I would best recommend a more wholesome approach to natural body building. One would be proper diet and nutrition. Two: multi vitamins. Three: proper exercise and training. Four: nitric oxide with anti-oxidants. Five no steriods or GH

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