Palate-Pleasing Protein Bars

There’s nothing like biting into a so-called “chocolate” protein bar only to discover it tastes like anything but chocolate. Because chocolate is – well, delicious. As someone who has tried many different types and flavors of protein products, I have a suggestion: Promax protein bars.

Why Promax?


For starters, they come in 17 different flavors. Yes, 17! So whether you’re partial to peanut butter or crazy for coconut, you’ll definitely find a favorite. That is, if you can narrow it down to just one. And with offerings like Cookies & Cream, Nutty Butter Crisp  and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, that might be a tough task.


All those tempting flavors? They actually taste like their name. In fact, Promax touts the “best tasting protein bars on the planet,” and our customers seem to agree:

“Taste is superb–nice soft texture with just enough chew.” – prostar

“I love the taste.” – joekrs86

“Best protein bar I’ve tasted.” – BoxerBodyBuilder


With 20 grams of protein per bar, plus vitamins, minerals, amino acids and energizing carbs, Promax protein bars provide a nutritious and convenient way to consume more protein. Just grab and go!

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  1. Kim Reeves says:

    My favorite product is Alive Shakes.

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