Hate Swallowing Pills? Try These Instead…

If you’re one of those people who despises swallowing capsules, softgels, tablets and any other form of pills, we hear you. Instead of downing an entire gallon of water trying to take that gigantic vitamin, why not try new Vitacost Quickdots? These sublingual and chewable supplements were specially designed for anyone with an aversion to swallowing pills.

Why try Vitacost Quickdots?

3 Reasons to Try Chewable Supplements

No need to make this face – try Quickdots instead!

1. Easy to take. Sure, some supplements are tiny enough to swallow without trouble. But others seem to be made for horses, not humans. Vitacost Quickdots are available in both chewable and sublingual form – so you can easily chew your supplement or let it (quickly) dissolve. An added bonus? Quickdots don’t need to be broken down in the digestive system like other pills, so nutrients are easily assimilated and absorbed. Plus, Quickdots come in deliciously pleasing natural flavors like orange, cherry and raspberry-peach!

2. Pleasing taste. When you think of chewable tablets, the word “chalk” probably comes to mind. And many other sublingual supplements are made with artificial flavors that leave behind an unsavory aftertaste. Luckily, Quickdots subligual and chewable supplements come in delicious pleasing natural flavors like orange, cherry, raspberry-peach, grape, mixed berry and wintergreen — no bitter aftertaste!

3. Extreme convenience. Because you don’t always have a glass of water handy, Quickdots make it easy to take your supplements on-the-go. Need vitamin B12? Just pop a Quickdot sublingual melt. Can’t go without CoQ10? Chew a Quickdot tablet and carry on with your day. Staying on top of your supplement routine just got a whole lot easier.

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