In a Hurry? Try Natrol Fast-Dissolve Supplements

Sublingual supplements are simple – no chalky tablets to chew or bulky capsules to swallow. Just place the tiny tablet under your tongue and move on with your life.

But have you noticed that some products take fooooorever to dissolve?

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For certain nutrients such as vitamin B12, sublingual (dissolvable) products are preferred for their immediate absorption, bypassing the typical, time-consuming route through the small intestine.

But even some products that promise immediate absorption can take up to 30 minutes to break down. If you’re tired of waiting for that water-soluble nutrient to melt in your mouth, you may want to try Natrol Fast Dissolve supplements.

  • No water necessary – take your supplement any time, anywhere
  • Dissolves up to 30 times faster* than regular tablets – no more waiting!
  • Great-tasting fruit flavors

Natrol’s line of Fast Dissolve supplements includes several popular nutrients such as melatonin, biotin, 5-HTP and vitamin B12.


*Based on current USP <2040> Disintegration of Dietary Supplements

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