Steps You Can Take Today for a Healthier Summer

Summer offers unique opportunities to relax and rejuvenate—from stolen moments reading in the shade to the juicy joy of pick-your-own berries. Family reunions are common during this time of year, and so are breaking out the grill, taking a long-awaited (or spontaneous!) vacation, and simply enjoying the longer evenings.

Healthy Summer

Of course, when summer hits, women want to keep taking great care of themselves and their health. Basic tips for summer include protecting skin from the sun (hats, long sleeves, and plenty of sunscreen that’s SPF 15 or higher), staying cool and hydrated and trying to be active in mornings and evenings rather than mid-day. Eating a variety of healthy foods can be easier in summertime, as markets and produce stands explode with Mother Nature’s amazingly fresh bounty.

Supporting Women’s Wellness… Ages & Stages

Another way women can support overall wellness each day is with a targeted multivitamin. Whether it’s the convenience of a One Daily or comprehensive support from a once-per-meal formula, multivitamins can be a solid part of your nutritional foundation. New Chapter®’s whole-food cultured multis for women are so gentle you can take them anytime—even on an empty stomach! In addition, New Chapter multivitamins are Non-GMO Project Verified and made with certified organic vegetables and herbs.

Discover which of our five women’s multis fits your specific needs:

Every Woman®—provides over 20 cultured vitamins and minerals for active women under 40, plus complementary herbal blends

Every Woman®’s One Daily—for women on-the-go, whole-food nutrients and herbs delivered in just one tablet per day

Every Woman® II—New Chapter’s most comprehensive multi designed especially for women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond

Every Woman®’s One Daily 40+—once-daily convenience for women age 40 and over, includes organic Chaste Tree berry for hormone balance*

Perfect Prenatal®—targeted whole-food cultured nutrients for moms-to-be, including Vitamin D3, Iron, and Folate… and it’s gentle on the stomach!*

At New Chapter, we wish you a great, healthy summer—here’s to family and fireflies and fun while it lasts!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



About New Chapter

New Chapter is a Vermont- ­based vitamin and supplement company that focuses on promoting health through innovative formulations made with real herbs, foods, and nutrients. New Chapter ®’s mission has always been to deliver the Wisdom of Nature to all those seeking natural wellness.

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